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Thanks to Sue of Petz Boardwalk for so generously providing mirror space for so many months, and then for taking on the full bandwidth burden of my monster of a site when Abby could no longer do so. You're a special lady, Sue! My enormous thanks also to Abby of the Petzwarehouse for hosting my site for all those years.
Thanks to our amazing Minibyte, I now have a full mirror of this site at her domain, thank you Minibyte!!
If my site goes down at any time -- woah, that would be quite a day! -- pop along to this page, where I'll keep you informed of whatever is going on.

18 Mar 2010
Wow, I hear you say, it lives! Well, in a way... I still care about this site and the old Petz games, but I have no time. This update is a small bit of maintenance -- the page for the Petz 5 backup CD now has some necessary Catz dlls. You couldn't get catz to load on it before, but with these dll files you should be able to. And the links page -- I have kept the old pages as an archive but now, when you click on the "links and contact" it takes you to a simple page with urls on it that I have checked. Plus, I have a new sister site :) Oh yes, and now that Daniel's site is down, I've added the original bunny and pig file downloads to the "catz in dogz" and "dogz in catz" pages. I'm very sad to see his site down again, and am not sure of exactly what is "broken" on this site of mine because of it. I will try to find broken links and fix them, but if you find such a link please drop me an email. The mail is still the hex-help at hornsc clara co uk one.

20 Aug 2009
Wow, nearly a year later, an update! Well actually I've been adding odd things here and there for a while now, but not really "Carolyn's Creations" so I've not been mentioning them. But people who are having trouble searching for everything for the game foolers are getting the odd pleasant surprise if they keep their eyes open; I'm hoping that people who have lost or damaged irreplaceable CDs will find them helpful also.

I have also uploaded what you would need in order to be able to play with Petz Player files, such as Phantarella on my main page, Babyz player files such as the ones on my "play online" Babyz page, and perhaps most important, to go into the Catz 1 shrine! ;-)

Last but not least, the very big news; I now have a full mirror of this giant of a site! Bookmark this link. Huge thanks to Minibyte!!

30 Sep 2008
I know, I know, I hardly ever update these days. I really don't have the time, but I still love the old Petz, Babyz and Oddballz games so I've not abandoned you :-) No new hexings for you, but for Babyz players I have zipped up the ViaVoice files so that people who have been having problems with downloading the individual files can get them, plus on that page you will see a link to help those of you with damaged or lost CDs. Also there are a few links to creative and useful sites on my "small but beautiful" links page. I have put a little more information on the new "petz" games -- the ones that Ubisoft now calls Catz 2 and Dogz 2. These are in no way like the older Petz II game of course, but the info is there for completeness. It's a real nuisance that UbiSoft have chosen to call their new 3D pet games Catz, Dogz, Catz 2 and Dogz 2.

15 May 2008
Just a really tiny thing -- a new link on my "small but beautiful" links page :-) I know people have written to me before asking for links to be updated; forgive me, I have had various things such as computer crashes over the past few months and am not now able to find the messages. If you want a link changed, please write to me again.

03 May 2008
It's like a bus, isn't it -- you wait for ages and then two come along at once ;-) Okay, the site should now be complete, including the FinFin and Petz4 demo downloads. As far as I can see, everything is as it was before the site's foundations got slipped from under it. Nothing new, and still a messy monster of a site, but hey, the "olds" are back.

02 May 2008
Site is back up and running!
Wow. Almost a year since last we spoke. And even now this is not an update -- it's just a note that the site has been fixed after a few weeks of downtime. I think everything has been fixed apart from Finfin and the Petz 4 demo, I hope so anyway. The Petz 4 demo and Finfin downloads I hope to fix tomorrow. Please note what I say above, if my site goes down again pop along to this page (click) at Blueyonder, where I hope to be able to keep you informed of whatever is going on.

30 June 2007
Just a few tweaks to a couple of the foolers, and some links to other places of Petz interest, for you today. My computer play time has narrowed down to almost zero while I bottlefeed some grey furries... First up, The Petz5 Palace has moved so I've changed the link on my "Small is Beautiful" page and I've fixed up one or two other links on a couple of the links pages. Next, I have a new links page for PetzHexz which is there with its affiliates to help with Petz and other virtual life games -- and the Virtual Life forum is back up!
Next, for Babyz fooler fans I have put up some files from the unpacked Babyz demo for those of you who can't get the demo to install. Also on the ViaVoice fix page, I've tried to make things a little clearer. For people who wanted the Petz 3 playscene Petz Vet and had trouble with the patchfile, I've uploaded the full scene on the Old Petz 3 Scenespage 3. That's the lot for now.

10 June 2007
As always, in a huge rush. I have for you the abandonware game Fin Fin
This update is not actually a Petz item nor is it a Carolyn's Creation, but it's a game that has been dumped by its craetors and is too cute to lose -- and Sue has kindly agreed to host it. I don't provide any help with getting it running, but I do give a link on the download page to a very helpful site and forum.

Approx. 20 April 2007
Wups, I uploaded some bits and pieces a few days ago and forgot to update this What's New. Things in Real Life here are going like crazy, so the site tends to get a bit neglected but uploads still do happen now and then. Let's see... I put up a "Pointless Info 2" page to show that all the games can be made to work in Windows Vista -- an Operating System that I won't touch of course, it's even worse than XP, but I thought you'd be interested. I've made it easier to use the Petz II demo fooler, it has a whole page to itself now. A tweak or two on the Tutorials pages, can't remember in detail now exactly what. And some items for Babyz players and hexers on the "newest babyz" page. Sorry that updates are so random and far apart, but really I do stuff for the site as and when I can. I seem to have lost my latest notes on sites which I promised to add to my links pages, my deepest apologies to anyone who was expecting a link to go up but really my links pages are horribly out of date these days.

18 March 2007
It can't be March already?? Well, a lot has happened so far this year but very little of it has been petz-related for me. All I have for you this time is an updated link and a tweak or two on my tutorials page (a bit more info in my "what to do if petz crashes" and "what to do if Babyz crashes" howtos) and my Petz 4 demo-fooler page (get to it via my Mad Scientist page). The reason for the demo-fooler update is because it seems that demo-download sites now check to see what part of the world you live in before letting you download the demo, and if your area isn't right they won't let the download start. That is plain evil -- what the heck has happened to the Internet?? Gah. Oh, and I realised I'd accidentally removed the Phantarella player link from my main page when I moved to Boardwalkerz, so she's back on the main page again.
For those interested in my fostercats, Paddlepat didn't make it through. Poor baby. His sisters were spayed this week and, thank heaven, it seems that they don't have the same latent disease that he had. They are lively and healthy. I am now running the "adopt-a-cat" scheme which helps to bring in some much-needed cash for the Cat Register and Rescue, so my time is now even more limited. And a wonderful thing happened which I'd like to shout to the heavens, but I can't put it on the sites, aaaargh.

09 February 2007
Just to let you know I'm still here, but 2007 is being a bit of a pain so not much is updated. I did a tiny update to the Oddballz and oddballz fooler pages a couple of weeks ago but am blowed if I can remember what exactly. Updated my "new links" page. And today I have a great new sister site -- Miranda's PAC, which will be updated shortly with new breedz etc, so keep an eye on it! That's it for now. I've got a very very sick cat at the moment, PaddlepatPaddlepat needs all my care and attention but he probably won't survive, so please keep the wee fellow in your thoughts and prayers.

07 January 2007
Already the year is starting to zoom along... But I have a small update for Babyz players -- kitchen magnets separated. Sorry that's it for now, I have a new cat in who needs plenty of attention.

02 January 2007
Woah, another year has started... Happy New Year! Just another small update for Petz 4 players a bunch of un-hidden toyz. It doesn't include the ones which don't have on-shelf graphics, nor does it include the four gemstones. I may get those up soon, if Real Life doesn't take off too fast. And for Petz 3, 4 and 5 people who like to dabble in editing the binary parts of petz with a hex editor, I've put a little more info up on the Rough Pet Info page.

31 December 2006
Happy Hogmanay!! I have one small updates for you -- a howto on Trotting and Floofing. I wrote the thing ages ago and then forgot to upload it because LNZPro had a tick-box for it. But it seems that doesn't really work, so here's how to do it manually. Including how to make your chinchilla Persians trot, LOL.

28 December 2006
I hope your Yuletide is going well -- that the celebrations continue and that the coming weekend will produce a great hogmanay. I have one or two very small updates for you -- a howto on changing the Yarn Ball tail colour, a page of new links and a bit more on Ubisoft's latest "Petz" games including info about the Windows Horsez. Finally, for those of you who are interested in my fostercats, there's updates at that site too.

22 December 2006
My hearty thanks to Sue for the lovely new splash page that she has made for me, and for the terrific new link banner and button, which are now of course on my links page -- although I've not managed to update it apart from that...
a banner

a button

Wishing you all a very happy holiday season and a joyous christmas, Hanukkah, New Year, Solstice -- or whatever else you enjoy celebrating at this time of year. Me, I like to just sit and listen to the world turn on its axis :-) May 2007 be a good year for us all, and a fun year for Petz and modding. I now have a wordy little treatise on What IS "hexing"? -- MODDING!

16 December 2006
Nothing new for you at all today, I'm so sorry -- well, apart from the Babyz ViaVoice fix which I uploaded a while ago and forgot to mention -- I've not even managed to get the links I promised to update for various wonderful site-owners all fixed up, I promise I'll try to get that done on my next update. All that's happening this time is that my site is moving over fully now to the mirror that Sue provided for several months. Abby has been wonderful for hosting my stuff for so long after she lost interest in Petz, and Sue has been a trojan for seamlessly taking over the bandwidth burden. For anyone who has been linking directly to various pages at my Petzwarehouse site, such as the Babyz colour chart, I'm sorry -- the link will have broken. Come along to my site here at Boardwalkerz for all the information and charts that used to be there.

01 December 2006
Still nothing really for you -- but I do have a brief note about the latest Virtual life games from Ubisoft here . They really are not a part of the Petz series, but for completeness I mention them.

14 November 2006
Another month on, and nothing much for you -- but for Babyz fans I have three versions of Stewie and three different "cow bells" for them to wear on my Newest Babyz page. Real Life and my kitties are taking so much of my time, bless the furry ones.

19 October 2006
Sorry it's been so long... and even now there's nothing new really, but I've adjusted a few pages to make things a little easier to find -- I hope. I've put the "if you can't download you're at the wrong place" info even easier to find as well as trying to make things such as the Babyz Fooler easier to follow. Also not new, but just to let anyone who needs help with Tinker or LNZPro or Petza/Babyza know -- the link to his download site is on my Nicholas' Tools page, along with links to useful info. My links pages are woefully unkempt now, I'm sorry -- I can't face going through it all but I hope to adjust the most obvious and add an extra page of fresh, interesting sites soon. I've simply not been getting the time to do things properly -- take a look at my fostercats site for some idea of how busy I've been. And a lot has happened even since I updated there, LOL!

30 July 2006
Yes, I know, I've not updated for two months -- I can't begin to tell you how busy things have been here, so I've not updated either this site or my fostercats one in all that time. As for this update, it's just for oddballz fans. Because Daniel's site is down and now, it seems, also Don's Amberoddballz, plus nowhere else on the net seems to have the demos, I've uploaded a demo and the official breedz to this site, also Ron Tigat's Oddballz Eggz Scrambler. You will find these things on the Oddballz Fixes and Oddballz Fooler pages.
Also uploaded on the new p2, p3, p4 and p5 pages are the skorch breedfiles for Catz games. They are on the relevant New Breedz pages, and the sound files are on the species sounds page. These were once exclusive to Daniel's site but since I created them and his site is down they have come home to me.
I wanted to do more, but that's it for now. Hopefully not so long before the next update. Must dash.

21 May 2006
Sorry, a late update and I've not got much for you -- Real Life has been getting in the way big-time and I've only managed to update my My foster-cat site since I last updated here -- and even there I'm not up to date. And I'm not managing to do half of what I've been promising people on this update, sorry. But there are some little things.
A bunch of experimental babyz, and more of my "Harem set" on the Newest Babyz page. Yes, I know there aren't any pictures and that I should have the harem clothes on the clothes page. I don't have time to do it right!
On the Team creations page you'll find a new Catz breed made from Casey Miller's pet. Also there, my few Unibreedz -- Artie, Honkie and Sauropod -- should be fixed for cross-breeding as they were re-done with the latest LNZPro.
I've put the catz 1 demo up for download on my catz 1 demo fooler page.
If you go to my sister site, Sue Briley's Babyz Punked, you'll find there a couple of unusual babyz and a babyz clothing item, for Naturists, made by myself.
I've got a couple of great cyberpets from Dulua Land up on my Cyberpets page.
NOT YET done -- a whole bunch of howtos, which will eventually go on a "pot-luck" page, more half-done hexed stuff, and fixing up my links pages. I don't know when these will get done, but one thing I will try to get fixed and up soon is Miranda's brilliant sounds for Kirby.

03 March 2006
As always later than intended, but I added what I believe to be the final soundfixes to the Babyz soundfix for XP page. The new downloads and replacements are marked with the date beside them, so if you downloaded most of the files before today, just download those which are marked. My friend gave the whole thing a quick test, and with any luck this will prevent any sound-related freezes in your game now. Remember, people, you do need to also download 9 toyz from Twilight's site -- the link is clearly on my soundfix page. And yay for Sandi of Forever Babyz -- she gave an award to myself and Twilight, and I'm displaying it with pride :-) Thank you so much!

27 February 2006
Well, I fell over today and twisted and bruised me poor arthritic old bones, so not as much done as I'd hoped. But I have a couple of great breedz for you on the Team Creations, "With Sue Briley and Nintendo-6444" page,

and yesterday and today I added to the Babyz soundfix for XP -- have not been able to test the latest fixes myself yet but have had good reports so far. I am intending to fine-tune the soundfix over the next day or two.

25 February 2006
I know, I know, I've not done anything much this month so far. Real Life has been taking almost all my time. All I have for you today is a Babyz soundfix for XP, but with any luck that'll at least make many of the Babyz Commumity happy.

07 February 2006
Once again, I've not managed to update as I wanted to. I've been having some Real Life difficulties, so updates are of necessity going to be slow for the near future -- but they will happen, truly. But for now, great news! Not only do we have a new version of Tinker, but also Nicholas has his own site. The latest versions of his software will always be found there :-) Also there are some updates on the links pages.

28 January 2006
Yes, I know -- I've not updated in ages. There have been all sorts of Real Life crises, all getting resolved okay but taking time, so all my wonderful hexing plans have had to wait. The Great Present Caper is of course finished, but I'm making my donations for Petz games available for you all. You can download them when you find the picture of a present. Also downloadable now, from my babyz toyz pages, is the Christmas Spoon that I made for DRN's Advent Calendar. I've fixed up some items on my links pages, and got a new "Sister". And finally, some weird and wacky babyz for your downloading pleasure on the pasted-heads page.

Coming soon (I hope) will be some "Team Creation" breedz, for some of which I just need to get the pages done.

02 January 2006
Nicholas has updated Petza to fix the Petz II and Babyz bugs. It works beautifully now -- go get it!! That's it for today, but pretty good all the same :-)

01 January 2006
Happy New Year!!

So I didn't get the hexing time I'd hoped for this past week... But we have from the wonderful Nicholas -- another new version of Petza from his Nicholas' Tools pages. This update, version 2.0.2, fixes some problems for Petz 3, 4 and 5 players. On my machine it crashes in Babyz and Petz II, so I've left 2.0.1 up for you as well just in case the same happens with you. I've also got some changes on my links pages, a new sister, and a changed link to Miranda's Kirby page on my P3,4,5 LNZ breedz page.

26 December 2005
The Great Present Caper is apparently delayed until tomorrow. Should be good anyway! And now, from Nicholas -- a new version of Petza from his Nicholas' Tools pages. This update, version 2.0.1, fixes the "weather" bug for Petz 5 players!

24 December 2005
The Great Present Caper should be under way -- good hunting! The big Christmas present for you at this site today is from Nicholas -- a new version of Petza from his Nicholas' Tools pages. There's some good stuff in it, including a great new feature for Babyz players; you can at last add new playscenes! Remember that you will need to make them non-overwriting with their own name and ID numbers of course. Apart from that, my Cyberpet has grown up at last, there are a couple of updated links, and I've had a nice time with my "gifts from friends" pages. Yes, I meant to get a lot of hexed items up, but in the end I only managed to complete some presents for the Great Present Caper. Am hoping for some peaceful days over this coming week to finish off other goodies. Merry Yueltide!

07 December 2005
Just the Great Present Caper notice above, and a couple of updated links; Miranda's PAC on the main links page , and Tigger's site on the babyz links page.

04 December 2005
The last of the demo-foolers is now online, thanks to Daniel! This time it's the turn of Mac players of the games. Get the Catz 1 demo fooler , and the Dogz 1 demo fooler -- and last but not least, the Oddballz demo fooler! Now everyone can join the fun :-)

03 December 2005
Another of my toyz converted on my petz 5 page -- the freedom fish to overwrite your fish bowl. I'll be converting the playscene for it soon, but that's not done yet. The big thing for you today is the Catz 1 demo fooler (yay!) and my own Dogz 1 demo fooler, which allows you to go back to the adoption centre and take Daphne's quiz. I have captured the flavour of the Catz 1 site as it was when the game first came out, complete with some little surprises, a find-it and the part which I personally adored -- the VRML temple. I totally loved that thing, and I can still play it on my old browser. You may not be able to see it, which would be a shame, but I do have links to viewers on that page. If you can install the Cosmo player, that would be optimum. If you do manage to play it, the links within it have been updated to links that actually work. Also, all actual links on the pages should lead to interesting things. Anyway, have fun!

28 November 2005
Managing to get some stuff done at last. Some conversions... The Secret Wood, with its toyz, for you on the Petz 5 Playscene page. Some of my toyz converted on my petz 5 page, including a gem hairball for dracoz (I intend to improve the P3 and P4 ones some day too). An exciting new toy for petz II -- fishes swimming in and out of a tank, yay! I intend to make a Petz 3 version of that soon. Also for Petz II, the Fishie breed and a scene backdrop for the fish petz and toyz to play in. Oh, and a couple of versions of the "surprise box" for Babyz, mostly as a service for hexers who requested it. Plus again a few updated tweaks over the past couple of weeks, on tutorials and links pages, which I can't remember in detail, sorry, but do check out the "small is beautiful" links page.

22 October 2005
A few more things for you from all the stuff I'm trying to finish... A brand new Butterfly Chaser breed, with some finishing-off by me on this "Team" page. A few pages of detailed info on using LNZPro on this tutorials page, plus a few updated tweaks here and there on tutorials and links pages which I can't recall in detail.

18 October 2005
Time races past as ever. I've got a few things for you... some links and updates on all three links pages. three new babyz from the new babyz page. This picture shows just one of them :-)

An update to the texture List info on the 2nd LNZ info chunk page -- thanks to Lynelle for pointing out the missing bits -- and a new breed from Lynelle who has made creative use of the Oddballz-petz breedz and made a brand new one of her own.

Oh, and my cyberpet has grown a little :-) I tried to get more up, but constant interruptions today (and over the weekend) have got in the way. Expect some new Butterfly Chaser breedz soon.

05 October 2005
For your downloading pleasure... Yet more updated versions of Pet Workshop and of LNZPro, from the Nicholas' Tools pages :-) Also some links on the "small is beautiful" page.

04 October 2005
The most amazing tool -- a brand new version of pet Workshop! Does tattoos, paint ballz and lots of other good stuff. Pet Workshop page.

02-03 October 2005
A fantastic new version of LNZPro on the, yes, LNZPro page. A brilliant new idea and base baby, also, from L41N (Wardah Ahmar) is downloadable from the babyz tutorials page, specifically from its own page. I added a bit of a tidy-up to the baby file to make it a little clearer, and tried to explain how it's used and the potential that it has :-) Finally, a bit of info for people who might have been pulling out hair trying to make hexed Petz playscenes show up -- on the Petz tutorials page -- and extra information on passing on colours in the "fixes for 2nd-gen problems" page.

29 September 2005
A new version of Tinker on the (heh) Tinker page. On the Real Life front, I've recently updated my fostercats site too. Must dash, chores to do... Happy daze...

26 September 2005
Over the past week or so, a few odd bits and pieces got uploaded here and there mostly on my Tutorials pages. Firs off, a grand Variations tutorial by Nicholas, which is on my main tutorials page and on his Pet Workshop page. Also on that main page are a new "What to do if Petz won't start or crashes" FAQ and a similar one for Babyz, plus I've updated my LNZPro tips. On the Petz-specific page I've put a howto on making non-hidden emoticon variations in a breed, how to change and expand tails for dogz and catz, giving your petz' eyes or "irises" a texture (includes example petz), and putting bunny ears on a Dane. The perspicacious amongst you will have spotted that I've got a new page called Rough Pet Info which is exactly what it says. It breaks a pet file into sections so that you can see the structure, and see where the important parts are when it comes to cloning a corrupted pet. It really is rough -- a series of screengrabs -- so if you don't understand anything about pet files it won't help. But it's a handy reference that I made for myself ages ago and I'm sharing with you now. I'm also sharing with you a set of lists of Bodyarea numbers that I intended to put in with some "howtos" but as I've not managed to get those written, you'll find the lists on my Vital LNZ info main page. I added some info into the relevant LNZ chunk also. Slight improvement to my Petz 5 demo-fooler . Errr... I think that's the lot, it's been a weird couple of weeks and difficult to do more than snatch a moment or two at the computer now and then.

15 September 2005
Just a real quickie -- a new brilliant version of LNZPro on Nicholas' Tools pages! Edit .baby files, and make Unibreed versions of your breedz that should work on Non-English petz 3 games as well!

11 September 2005
New bug-fix version of Pet Workshop -- and a great new beta-test version of LNZPro on Nicholas' Tools pages! Note that the LNZPro has not been tested thoroughly, but I think you'll like the newest feature. New links on my main links page, a couple of them in the tutorials etc section to help people who ask about website making, and one of them is also in the section called "Sites for "realistic" petz standards, and petz clubs" because it's a promising new breed registry site which also offers hosting of breedz. The week went by too fast, still none of the other things that I meant to do are finished, sorry. But my fostercats site was updated a couple of days ago for those who are interested.

04 September 2005
New versions of Petza/babyza, LNZPro 2, and Pet Workshop on Nicholas' Tools pages! New features and bugfixes... I'm so trying to get other things up, odds and bods of my own, almost finished but not quite, hopefully this coming week will see some goodies.

24 August 2005
A new version of Petza/babyza on Nicholas' Tools pages. This has no new features, it's another version he's made to try and help track down the problem that some people have with it, so if it's working for you there's no need to download. Also one link removed from my "small is beautiful" page; after I had given them info on how to make files available for download, Sarah and Ruby proceeded to "hotlink" to other sites' breedz. folks, this is a huge no-no on the Internet; don't do it! They appear to no longer be answering emails, so until they do and fix the problem, their link will stay down.

22 August 2005

Whew, that was a tough few days -- it looked as if Petzwarehouse was down for good, and I was worried about Abby. But last night I heard from Abby, she's fine :-D and the site should be up today *happy-dance*
Meanwhile, my good pal Sue picked up my broken pieces and generously offered to mirror my site; see the link above :-)
Updates to the site are a couple of Nicholas' Tools -- go fetch the latest Pet Workshop and LNZPro 2. Also there are some new links to great sites on my "small is beautiful" and babyz links pages, and a few small tweaks on the tutorials pages.

10 August 2005

Not much, just a howto for people who are having difficulty working out how to use Tinker and LNZPro 2. On my Tutorials page. For those who are interested in my fostercats site, I'm going to update there also today, with some cheerful news and a new family member. All a bit rushed, Real Life is running away with me :-)

03 August 2005

Yup, another version of Petza/Babyza, version 1.1.4; also another version of Pet Workshop, also version 1.1.4. As always, they are on Nicholas' Tools pages. I've got a small howto on the tutorials, Petz-specific page because I've been asked a few times how to change the default pet name at the AC. I have a bunch of other howtos waiting to be polished up and uploaded, they're too rough at the moment. Some nice shiny new links on the "small is beautiful" and babyz links pages, you really want to check them out! Also, for my own pleasure, I have a Cyberpet page for my site (thanks, Rachel!) and some lovely updates on my "gifts from friends" pages. Nothing else for you today, but for those who are interested in my fostercats, I recently had another update there also but be warned, the latest update was quite sad.

28 July 2005

Another version of Petza/Babyza, this time a "bugfix" version 1.4.3 thanks to people who sent Nicholas their bug reports, and to Nicholas too of course :-) as usual on Nicholas' Tools page. Nothing else for you today, but for those who are interested in my fostercats, I've got an update there also.

26 July 2005

Still trying to keep up with Time and not succeeding... But today we have the latest Petza/Babyza, version 1.4 with a few improvements, as usual on Nicholas' Tools page; thanks yet again, Nicholas! Also another neat link on my "small is beautiful" links page.

22 July 2005

Nearly 3 weeks since I last uploaded... So sorry! Well, today I've uploaded Pet Workshop version 1.1.3 on Nicholas' Tools page; thanks, Nicholas! Various improvements for the program's fans, so go see! One or two little tweaks here and there on the site too, including adjustments to the Petz 4, Babyz and Petz 5 foolers. Also some updated links on my links pages, and for those who follow my fostercats I've recently updated there also. Oh, and I don't think I mentioned earlier that I am hosting Iola's Miniature Bows for Dogz on my Off-site specials, as she has had some server problems and in fact had lost all of them. Well, they are all back online again now :-)

02 July 2005

We had Live 8 up here in Edinburgh today -- nearly a quarter of a million people marching to Make Poverty History -- yay!
But, back to Petz -- we have version 1.4.2 of Petza.toy (which is also Babyza of course) for you on Nicholas' Tools page. A minor update, but hopefully a useful one. Also, Kirby fans check out the link on my P3,4,5 LNZ breedz page -- Miranda has made some great variations! I meant to get some other things uploaded, but the day has been chaos -- well, the whole week has really. Hope to do more soon.