Petz 5 Playscenes
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This page contains any playscenes that I may hex for the Petz 5 game; I don't make scenes with the game's editor, because there are people who make much better ones that way than I can, but on occasion I may want to alter one of the game's original scenes. When I do, I'll post it here.

The Petz 5 version of the Secret Wood is now available complete for you to download. It will look best if you download the carrycase Skin from my skins page, and the toyz -- and I strongly recommend that you download the sounds also. Click on various things, such as the knot-hole by the lion's nose, for some little surprises, and have fun with the birdie-house and Scarab (dung-beetle). You can pick them up and move them around the place. The beetle does a dung-beetle's job of clearing up dirt, and the birdie-house keeps time for you. Oh, and there is a shelf in the bower above the Lion.
I hope you enjoy this scene and find it as magical as I do.
The Secret Wood
The Secret Wood
/ Sounds for Secret Wood
Secret Wood special toyz

Petz 4 in Petz 5 kitchen
Petz 5 kitchen with Petz 4 backdrop

Updated Oct 2003 to stay like Petz 4 at night-time also

Petz 4 in Petz 5 adoption centre
Petz 5 Adoption Centre with Petz 4 backdrop

This is actually an easy-edit kit, so take care to follow the included instructions. I have made the backdrops 256-colour to make a smaller download, and I have altered the daytime backdrop to the Petz 3 or Petz 4 one for nostalgia freaks like myself. If you want the Adoption Centre birdsong, download this file.

Adoptions Gone Petz 5 scene
Petz 5 AdoptionGone Editor-created playscene

This is my one and only Editor-created playscene, which is really my test scene created to see what could and couldn't be done with the Editor. I thought it turned out kind of fun, so here it is :-)