Old Petz 3 Playscenes by other people
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This page is intended as a service for petz 3 fans who are now finding that all playscene sites are inactive. I am putting it up with the special permission of Abby, who hosts my site, as there seems to be a definite need for the service. It contains playscenes made by other people -- NOT myself -- for the Petz 3 game.
Apart from Minibyte, who has kindly given permission to put up her lovely castle, I have been unable to trace some creators or to contact the rest, as all the contact addresses appear to be inoperative. If anyone sees their work up here and wants it taken down, please tell me so; also if I have attributed one of the scenes wrongly.
When the creators altered the sounds enormously, there was no point in trying to make smaller patchfiles, but wherever possible I've reduced the downloads by making patches. I've checked all the patches, and the scenes that they create, in my own game and they work fine for me. There's no point in you writing to me about any bugs or glitches that may occur in the game for you with these scenes, as they are not my playscenes.
Unless otherwise stated, the scenes are for the English-language version.

A Fairy Castle
A Fairy Castle

By Carol Gortat of Minibyte Kennel & Cattery. Quote from Carol: "This is the perfect scene for knights in shining armor, damsels in distress, or just some of Carolyn's fairy like winged petz. It features a forest setting with a castle in the distance."
Made as recently as July 2001!
Further down the beach
Splendid Kennelz Fun

further down the beach.
By Splendid Kennelz.
Alpine Meadow version B
Alpine Meadow version B

By Terri and Birgit
With its own sounds
Overwrites version A
The Zoo
The Zoo.
/ Sounds for the zoo
This scene was created by Jackie of Gray Tabby Catz. Download the sounds as well, and follow the instructions carefully.
The Petz Vet
The Petz Vet

By Alexa of Playscene Paradise.
Best if you have the Healthy Treatz.
Kentucky Farm
A Kentucky Farm.

By Lyrra of 'Pride Kennels and Cattery' and Birgit.
A Park scene

By Dawn of the 'New 4 U Petz Store' and Birgit.
The Rose Garden

By Lyrra of 'Pride Kennels and Cattery' and Birgit.
An interesting note from Lyrra about this scene: "the initials on the tree in the rosegarden are for my best breeders, Dark Moon and Siberia"

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