Old Petz 3 Playscenes by other people
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This page is intended as a service for petz 3 fans who are now finding that all playscene sites are inactive. I am putting it up with the special permission of Abby, who hosts my site, as there seems to be a definite need for the service. It contains playscenes made by other people -- NOT myself -- for the Petz 3 game. The major creators of most Petz 3 playscenes were Alexa of the old Playscene Paradise and Birgit of the old PetzGallery. Birgit was an amazingly active person in the great Petz 3 days, and she was the only other person I know of apart from myself to figure out the existence and importance of ID numbers. One of the best things that she did was to create many unusual playscenes from scratch and help others to do so as well, including Alexa. Alexa, as well as making some great playscenes, ran the marvellous "Jester's Playscene Paradise", which included some useful information about the scenes. Terri, of Terri's Petz, and Lyrra of Pride Kennels and Cattery both made marvellous backgrounds which Birgit turned into scenes.
Exciting news for fans of Lyrra's work! Pride K&C has re-opened! It's Petz 5 only, but already Lyrra is starting to breed petz for adoption. It'll be great to see how the re-born site develops :-) I'll be putting the last of her Petz 3 scenes up here soon -- thanks, Lyrra!
I have been unable to trace or contact the other creators, as all the contact addresses appear to be inoperative. If anyone sees their work up here and wants it taken down, please tell me so; also if I have attributed one of the scenes wrongly.
When the creators altered the sounds enormously, there was no point in trying to make smaller patchfiles, but wherever possible I've reduced the downloads by making patches. I've checked all the patches, and the scenes that they create, in my own game and they work fine for me. There's no point in you writing to me about any bugs or glitches that may occur in the game for you with these scenes, as they are not my playscenes.
Unless otherwise stated, the scenes are for the English-language version; any that I find eventually for an International version will be uploaded also if I have the space, and when I do they will be clearly labelled.

Northern Wilderness
Northern Wilderness

By Lyrra, of Pride Kennels and Cattery, and Birgit. It's best if you have the official download of the snowball toy in your game. This download is in the form of a patchfile; you need the original P.F.Magic Snow Scene to create it.
Egypt, also known as "Nile in Egypt".

By "Tabi's SBAC". This scene comes with its own "tropical bug" toy which should be put in the toyz directory. It also works best if you already have my Dung Beetle toy in your game. My Dung Beetle is a blue Scarab, very Egyptian :-)

By Terri and Birgit.
This scene looks best if you have the Red Toy Car in your game.
City Street
A City Street

By Terri of Terri's Petz
with its own internal sounds.
Farm at Dawn
Farm at Dawn

By Alexa and Birgit. Has its own internal sounds; extra sounds done by Birgit.
Alexa said: "Yes, ANOTHER farm scene! I made this one manipulating several graphics and photos (all my sunrise/sunset pictures in scenes are from my missions trip to Haiti!) -- when I saw this image of a farm, I just HAD to make it into a scene! Listen to the sounds of daybreak in this beautiful new scene!" Birgit said: "This is the Farm at Dawn Scene of Alexa from Playscene Paradis which you perhaps allready know, but with some new more 'farm like' sounds"
The Forest.

By Birgit. To quote her: "This was the first 'not official' playscene, the first one that was not made by PF.Magic. Have a little walk with your petz to the forest. Let them play on this peaceful place with a lot of birds and butterflies. And calm them, when they hear suddenly a bear roar out of the forest - the bears never come out..." She gave special thanks to Terri for her help in testing the scene.
Contains its own internal sounds.

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