Here you'll find links to Babyz sites. There are sites out there with great clothes, adoptions, toyz, scenes, tips, pageants, etc... This page is dedicated to them. It may not be kept up to date; my apologies if some of the links get broken but I simply cannot kep a check on all the wonderful, diverse sites which come and go.

This is where it all started -- the site isn't what it used to be, but it's still there... Babyz official site


There are several forums for Babyz these days. Here are just a few.

The As Seen On TV forum

Took over from the ABC one when that went down for a few months.
But now -- ta-da! -- the ABC forum is back! Time will tell whether it will grow as big as it used to be.

The new ABC forum

The kindly TMC forum

Shnuckumms' cute forum

Blush forum

This group is known to reject applications for no obvious reason, so it's not recommended for newbies or for those of a sensitive nature. I would advise people to get to know the Babyz Community through the Voy forums, Insatiable, and the Virtual Life Forum first.

The Babyz Community Rating System. To quote from the site: "the idea for this comes from the Petz Community where Pet Shows are judged and points are given out"
Virtual Life Forum

Insatiable forum (used to be MGInc)
Zel's forum

Tutorials and tools for hexers and game-tweakers

A whole load of places that tell you various ways of hexing or editing. People find these easier to follow than mine. Come to think of it, people find a lmost anything easier to follow than mine, even when I give 'em the "easy-edit" packages. Oh well, what the heck; at least I try. Anyway, here are a whole load of sites that should help un-confuse you after I've totally addled your brains.

Nicholas Sherlock's site

Go there to download his great utilities, including the essential Babyza :-) Also there you'll find a useful forum; go there to suggest ideas or ask for help.

Sharon's Twilight Dreamz
Go here not just for great hexie adoptions, but also for sound fixes for the game under Windows XP! Yes, with Twilight's help you can now listen to your babyz :-)
Jen's Absoluté

Hexing tutorials mostly for babyz, a couple for Petz, illustrated with screengrabs. For those who prefer hexing direct into a hex editor. Also does tutorials on html, useful for site-makers.

Dani's DRN

Has some tutorials for babyz and petz hexers as well as toyz, scenes, downloadable babyz, etc.

Rachel and Sue's ABC
Peekabooz two

Has boy-babyz codes, girl-babyz codes and a hexing tutorial for walkers.

Forever Babyz
Little Faerie Babyz
Bunny's Babyz Centre

Various goodies, including the serial-codes for quite a few babyz.
Kishi Kat
handy tutorials for using Tinker :-)

Terrific clothes for your babyz:
Chisai Boutique
Laura's Cherub
Gabi's Bandit
Anne-a-belle's Adventurous Tykes
Rugratz Mall
Sparkle Eye Babyz Boutique
Scraped Knees
Sue and Rachel's ABC
Dani's D-R-N
Babyz Boulevard
Babyz Boom
Jassy's Dress Up
Liz's Bubble Babyz Boutique
Brittany's Babyz Costume Shop
Twincy's Babyz site
Summer's "Ginny's Palace"
Summer's "Sugarcoma"

Sites with unusual or interesting items
In no particular order, sorry!


Rainbow Babyz

A new site which shows promise -- I believe there will be downloadable babyz etc as well as individual adoptions.

Auntie Helden's Babyz

A new site with lots of good stuff already. Lots to see, a great links page, super adoptions, and very handy tips.

MelanieMonkee's Teddi
Playscenes for your babyz -- more to come!
Schnuckumms's Firework babyz

Lovely clothes, and pageants

Mandy's Valentinebabyz

a sweet site with pageants and downloadable adoptions

Tigger's Tiggerific Babyz site
Tiggerific hexies to adopt, plus pageants, pix of beautiful babyz, and whatever else the Tigger decides to do ;-)
Kishi Kat babyz and petz downloads

brilliant new scenes and toyz, as well as handy tutorials for using Tinker :-)

Wardah Ahmar's Rose Garden Network
Has interesting and unusual downloads for your Babyz game
Daniel Wright's The Babyz Crib
An archive site, with all official downloads and a whole bunch of important tips as well as plenty of other items. Includes things such as Jesslan's playscenes, carry-cases etc.
Sandi's Forever Babyz
Hexing and Resource Hacker info, plus some great downloads for your game.
Trendy Totz Galleria
Up again, lots of good stuff there including special "unique" items that your babyz should enjoy. The "parent" site MGInc is just a links page now but of course the forum is worth visiting.

Gerber Babyz

Tips, hexing and graphics tutorials, downloadable goodies

Becklynn's Purple Flower Babyz (pfbabyz)

Lots of beautiful downloadable babyz by Becklynn, as well as a downloadable archive of Amberjo's beautiful babyz and other fun pages and goodies.

Dani's D-R-N

Interesting Babyz toyz, scenes, clothes, etc. Also downloadable hexed babyz by Tigger and others :-)

Zel's Rainy's Hexies

Totally brilliant idea, go there for preggy programmes, Requests, surprises... Go there! It's fun!

Zel's Dragon Tears

Yes, same Zel *grin* Hexing tutorials and kissie bitmaps, great clothes etc

Ashley and Tasha's Waterfall Heaven

Adoptions and downloads for your game

Rachael's Animal Rights for Kidz
Great adoptions and playscenes
Chrysti's Little Souvenirs site
Downloadable babyz, clothes etc for your game
Gemma's Wonder

Adoptions and downloads for your game

Liz's Bubble Babyz Adoption Centre (BBAC)

Beautiful babyz to adopt -- not downloadable

Camden's Expression

More beautiful babyz to adopt -- not downloadable -- a small but promising site

Anniebear's Butterfly Nursery

Really sweet babyz to adopt -- not downloadable

Debbie's Honeypot Nursery

Run by Debbie, this site has some interesting hexies by one of the Judys of the Babyz Community, as well as things like babysitting services etc. You need to email to adopt, alas, the babyz are not downloadable.

Rachel and Sue's ABC

which was the site that originally encouraged my Babyz-hexing attempts by kindly hosting them, and which I believe still has early versions of many of my Babyz items.

Sharon's excellent site

Lots of great hexed items here. Sharon has Petz and Babyz and enjoys "cross-hexing" :-)

Sharon's brilliant other site "Rubber Ducky".
Lots of goodies, oh yes.
Gabi's Bandit

downloads and lotsa goodies for Babyz

Cotton Candy Babyz

Great hexie downloads for Babyz -- I love downloadables, and these are good ones. Also toys and other goodies :-)

Amber J's Virtuality Babyz

Yes! Amj's site is back, with downloadable babyz and other terrific goodies!

Liz'Bubble Babyz

Sweet adoptables, lovely clothes, neat toyz!

Anne's Gold Bell Babyz

Downloadable mermaids, Fauns, Dryads, Hobbits, Chimaera, Fairies... and I'm sure eventually other mythical babyz. I look forward to each new creation :-) Anne will also make individual versions of these babyz for you, but I love the downloadable babyz which are terrific already. Great stuff.

Virtual Parenthood

An interesting and unusual site, with well-organised links to other babyz sites. A must-visit.

Binky Boo Babyz

Great downloads, including sweet hexie babyz

Bunny's Babyz Centre

Various goodies, including the serial-codes for quite a few babyz.

Dstar's Bonita Bebe

A small but promising site, with pageants. Dstar is an excellent hexer, and although she doesn't have adoptions up she does hang out on the forums and will sometimes do adoptions there.

Embo's mini-site Embo's Corner

A very sweet idea -- produces preggy proggies and hexie requests in a realistic manner.

Sarah's Lala site

Pageants, adoptions, fanlistings... Her adoptions are gorgeous And Sarah is an excellent hexer. Fun site.