Hex edited Toyz for Petz 4
These are the few toyz that I've made for the Petz 4 game. The Blooms and Blowers were made using the simpler filmstrip-recolouring technique, in response to someone a long time ago asking for different-coloured butterflies. The Carrot-treat bag, Fish tank and gem hairball use more advanced filmstrip-editing techniques. Yes, I know I'm not the greatest graphic artist in the world; if you want better-looking toyz, I have filmstrip-editing tutorials for you on my tutorials page -- and of course nowadays you can use Nicholas' Tinker too :-)

Here's a zipfile of most of the hidden toyz
It doesn't include any of the ones that don't have on-shelf graphics, nor does it include the four gemstones.

Circus Cannon in your closet
Babyz Doll
A Babyz Doll for Petz 4
A "circus" goldfish bowl
/ A "freedom" goldfish bowl
a "freedom" replacement for my fish tank
Pretty blooms and butterflies for your game
more unusual-looking blooms and butterflies
Carrot Treat bag
Carrot Treat bag

for vegetarian petz
Sapphire hairball
Replace that hairball with a sapphire

especially important for Dracoz
Sunflower seeds for Petz 4 at last!

Converted from Petz 3 version.
The flowers will not be as tall.
Sapphire hairball for shelf
This gem hairball shows up in the closet
Goldfish Tank
Goldfish Tank for Petz 4

No longer do your fish need
to swim endlessly in circles!
Dung Beetle
Dung Beetle

This is one of the toyz from my Secret Wood
Playscene, made now to show up
separately in the closet.
Mint Bottle
Mint Bottle

This Mint drink was hexed from the
Milk Bottle and is intended as an
example for an upcoming tutorial
Catz 1 Squeaky toy
Catz 1 Squeaky Toy

This is the dear old Squeaky toy
from the original Catz game, made
available now for all your Petz in Petz 4.