Fool your Oddballz game demo
For the time being, I have a Windows game demo plus eggz for you to download at the bottom of this page.

Mac users:

Thanks to Daniel Wright, who used to provide the demo, or starter kit and eggs for your downloading pleasure at Oddballz Neo, you now have a terrific demo-fooler so that you can enjoy the same advantages as Windows users. At the moment, while Daniel's site is down, the only place I know where you can download a demo for the Mac is Don's Amberoddballz (and Petz etc) site
Once you have your Mac demo, all you need to fool it is this file.
It's a largish download at 4 megabytes, but worth the time. When you've unstuffed it, follow the included instructions.
If you find when you download .sit or .hqx files from here that you get gibberish appearing in your browser, ending up with a corrupted file when you try to save it, try either downloading with a download manager or look in your browser's cache and copy it directly from there. The copy that's in your cache should not be corrupted.

Windows users:

To make this work you need my Oddballz easy-edit kit installed OR, for people who don't want to edit at all, grab this file and put the included files into your main Oddballz folder.
For people who are only able to find the demo version of the game and want to edit it and play with all toyz also, here's a little game-fooler. Please note As the readme states, you need the above-mentioned easy-edit kit to be installed for the fooler to work. Please, people, read the readme files -- I don't write those just for fun.

NOTE for Windows people who cannot see any .DLL files:
These zips contain .DLL files. Windows, by default, has files of this type "hidden" -- presumably as some kind of safety feature, but in your case you need to see them. So if you cannot see them on your machine, open My Computer or Windows Explorer, choose View and Options, and then under View make sure that "Show all files" is ticked. While you're about it, un-tick "Hide MS-DOS file extensions", because that's a nuisance too.

Finally, for people who don't yet have all the Starter and Retail eggz and have enabled the game with my easy-edit kit install this pack to enable you to use the in-game "get Oddballz info" viewer without errors.

There ya go, your game should now be up and running with all the toyz.

If your Starter eggz all say they are still demo eggz, mosey along to Daniel Wright's Oddballz Neo for some little files to help with that. Or if Daniel's site is down, grab this file and put each of the included .odx files in the appropriate folder within the Eggz folder.

WindowsDemo And Eggz

If you're looking for the demo, you can get it here and Win XP users will need also to grab this patch . If you use the fooler, you'll want Walret to be complete -- so grab this patch for him . And if you want the other pets, download the files below... the ones which are listed as "egg" are in the original .egg installation format, and you may find that you cannot unpack them. The non-egg versions are the same but have already been unpacked, and all you need to do is to unzip them into your game's eggz directory. The .odd and .odx files for each breed should then go into its own subdirectory.
jester egg or jester non-egg
grinnz egg or grinnz non-egg
snowbo egg or snowbo non-egg
norvil egg or norvil non-egg
skorch egg or skorch non-egg
102 egg or 102 non-egg
zott non-egg
lips non-egg
honker non-egg
dynaroo non-egg
quadrpus non-egg
modvark non-egg

Have fun, and keep the Oddballz world going!