The yarn ball tail colour

Here's how to change that annoying tail on your beautifully edited yarn ball. You've edited it in Tinker, changed the name and ID etc so that it shows up separately from the game-original... and still it has that red tail. Well, to change this you need to change two bytes in a hex editor, and here's where to look. All these screengrabs are from an old version of Hex Workshop and show the "address" in hexadecimal. The bytes that you need to change are shown in red:

Petz II's Yarn Ball.toy

Petz II

Petz 3's Yarn Ball.toy

Petz 3

Petz 4's Yarn Ball.toy

Petz 4

Petz 5's Yarn Ball.toy

Petz 5

If you change just one of the numbers highlighted in red, your tail will be speckled with red. If you change both to different numbers you can get a textured or striped effect. The Petz 5 one is a bit less interesting, as the tail is narrower. You need to use hexadecimal numbers of course, each of the two bytes being a colour from the Petz 256-colour chart -- and here's a version of it for you showing the colours as hex

hex colours

Hope that helps

Carolyn Horn