Lynelle's Oddpetz-bred breedz

The concept behind these breedz is one that I love. Lynelle has carefully cross-bred certain of my oddballz-petz breedz until they had reached a stability that would have satisfied any selective breeder. Then she made an individual breedfile which included all the traits of her selective breed, and added to it some special touches -- furfiles, a mix of original and odd-petz sounds which suits the breed, and variations. I may be biased, but I think that the results are brilliant.

The files on this page are "Unibreed" files, which means that they should work under Petz 3, 3 non-English, 4 and 5

The Q-Zot
About this breed, Lynelle says: "The first Q-Zot was selectively bred from Carolyn Horn's Catz 5 Oddballz Quadrapus, Modvark, and Zott, and the orignal Petz 5 Calico cat. After many generations the resulting best breed-standard Q-Zot was used as a basis for this breedfile, and then refined to add many variations of textures and colors, and to clean up the oddities resulting from crossbreeding petz of different keyballz and addballz. The external sounds came from Quadrapus and Modvark, mostly Quadrapus. The editting and converting to unibreed was done in the excellent LNZ Pro by Nicholas Sherlock."

The Q-Zot

Q-Zot for Catz 3, 4 nd 5

There are plenty more variations; the picture just shows a selection. The sounds are included in the zipfile.