Hex edited Toyz for Petz II
These are the few toyz that I've made for the Petz II game. The Blooms and Blowers were made using the simpler filmstrip-recolouring technique, in response to someone a long time ago asking for different-coloured butterflies. The Carrot-treat bag and gem hairball use more advanced filmstrip-editing techniques. Yes, I know I'm not the greatest graphic artist in the world; if you want better-looking toyz, I have filmstrip-editing tutorials for you on my tutorials page, or now that we have Tinker you can get that from my "Nicholas' Tools" page and use that :-)

Free-swimming Fish and Tank
Babyz doll
Babyz Doll
Butterfly Attractor
Butterfly Attractor

This is a more exciting attractor
for your butterflies than the
original potted flowers.
It also sometimes produces strange effects...
Pretty blooms and butterflies for your game

more unusual-looking blooms and butterflies
Carrot Treat bag
Carrot Treat bag

for vegetarian petz
Sapphire hairball
Replace that squishy hairball with a sapphire

especially important for Dracoz