Collaborations with other hexers

These pages will show any breedz which were the idea and production of another hexer, but which turned out to be something of a team effort with myself. They go up here with the permission of the other team member(s), of course!

NOTE: If one of the breedz crashes your game,
please read this.

Go here for Species sounds and here for original Catz and Dogz sounds
Various Species or Fantasy breedz should have their special sounds; also, all the catz and dogz breedz on this site use external sounds. So if you want them to sound right in your game, you will have to download the sounds as well.

With Sue Briley and Nintendo-6444
Get the Honkie and Artie here

With Butterfly Chaser
get the Great Tree here.
Butterfly Chaser's Sauropod
Click here for more of Butterfly Chaser's breedz pages
and here for Butterfly Chaser's own site! Yay!

With Casey Miller
get the Chocolate Joy cat here.

With Nicole
get the Rhino and Ostrich here.

With Melanie
get the Turtle here.

With meerii
From this page you can get LNZ files made from meerii's selectively-bred petz. They are designed to work with my External-lnz packages which you can get from my "For LNZ-files 'n' easy-edits" pages.