NOTE: These sounds will work with the "for easy-editing" sound-stripped breedz that I'm making available for you all at this site. I intend that they will also work with my sound-stripped hexie breedz.
Instructions for use should be found in with the actual breedfile zips; these sounds zipfiles simply contain the wavs and sounds .txt files. But they are all zipped up along with their directories, so they should all go into the correct places if you unzip them into your game's main directory -- where the game's .exe is. If you didn't choose your own place for installing the game, that main directory would probably be
C:\Program Files\UBI Soft\Studio Mythos\Petz 5 or
C:\Program Files\PF.Magic\Petz 4 or
C:\Program Files\PF.Magic\Petz 3 or

Sounds for the basic Catz breedz

Alley Cat sounds (for Flealess breed)
Black and White Shorthair sounds
Calico Cat sounds
Chinchilla Persian sounds
Desert Lynx sounds
Egyptian Mau sounds
Honey Bear sounds
Japanese Bobtail sounds
Maine Coon sounds
Orange Shorthair sounds
Persian sounds
Persian sounds "fix" for sheepdog-based "cat" breedz
Russian Blue sounds
Scottish Fold sounds
Siamese sounds
Tabby Cat sounds

General Catz sounds
These General Catz sounds are for people who don't have the catz games but want to hear all the sounds for dogz-based "cat" breedz (such as Vickie's PersianDog). Note, if you already have the catz part of your petz game, you don't need this.

That's it for the original catz-breedz sounds; the Petz 4 and 5 official bunny does not contain sounds. I have my own special quiet bunny sounds available for my own bunny breedz of course.

Sounds for the basic Dogz breedz

Bulldog sounds
Chihuahua sounds
Dachshund sounds
Dalmatian sounds
German Shepherd sounds
Great Dane sounds
Golden Retriever sounds
Jack Russell sounds
Labrador sounds
Mutt sounds
Papillon sounds
Poodle sounds
Pug sounds
Scottie sounds
Sheepdog sounds

And that's the lot. I do not intend at this time to strip out the pig sounds, as the game's actual pig breed file is not a good basis from which to hex new breedz. I already have my own Pig-hog sounds which work with my own pig-hog breed, of course.