Sounds Species and Fantasies in Petz Games

NOTE: many of these sounds were made before Petz 5 came out. All sounds and sound .txt files work fine in Petz 5 also. However, some of the zips, such as the Spinosaurus, contain furfiles also, which made things easier for installing in Petz 3 and 4. Petz 5 breedz have to have their own furfiles, which I distribute with the breedz. So please, when installing sounds, don't overwrite existing .bmp files with those in the sounds zip or your game will probably crash.

NOTE 2: these sounds were made for use originally with my breedz. It was only years later that others started to use my sounds with their breedz. For many of the sounds zips, the required sound .txt file is packaged in with the actual breed, as it can be slightly different depending on the breed. So if you don't get any sound using someone else's breedfile, download the relevant breed zip of mine and follow the instructions in that. You can always throw my breed away once you've got your sounds sorted out.

"102" (Oddballz to Petz series) breed's sounds
Ant sounds
Appaloosa sounds
Babyz sounds (for Catz and Dogz games)
Bear sounds (sounds for all games, .txt is for Dogz II)
Bear extra .txt bit for Dogz3, 4 and 5
Boy sounds (for Catz and Dogz games)
Bunny sounds
Butterfly sounds
Chickenz sounds
Cow sounds
Dracoz and Dragonz sounds
Dragonair sounds
Duck sounds
Dynaroo (Oddballz to Petz series) sounds
Elephant, Miniphant, Phantele sounds
Fishie sounds
Frog sounds
Galiceno and Horsez sounds
Giraf sounds
Gorilape sounds
Grinnz (Oddballz to Petz series) sounds
Grasshopper sounds
Guinea Pig sounds
Guinea Pig extra .txt bit for Catz
Honker (Oddballz to Petz series) and Honkbirdie sounds
Jester (Oddballz to Petz series) sounds
Lips (Oddballz to Petz series) sounds
Modvark (Oddballz to Petz series) sounds
Norvil (Oddballz to Petz series) sounds
Ostrich sounds
Panda sounds
If your panda is silent after installing the sounds, download the little Panda sounds fix and with it overwrite the gpsnd.txt that's in your Resource\Dogz\gp directory.
Panda sounds fix
Pegasicorn sounds
Pegasus sounds
PFMice sounds
Pighog sounds
Ponyta and Rapidash sounds
Quadrapus (Oddballz to Petz series) sounds
Reindeer sounds
Rhinoceros sounds
Sheep sounds
Skorch (Oddballz to Petz series) sounds
Snowbo (Oddballz to Petz series) sounds
Snowbo (Oddballz to Petz series) sounds for Catz 1 only
Spider sounds
Spinosaurus sounds
Turkey sounds
Tyger sounds (Big Cat sounds)
Tyger/big cat extra .txt bit for Catz
Unicorn sounds
Walret (Oddballz to Petz series) sounds
Whazzit sounds
Yoshi sounds
Zebra sounds
Zott (Oddballz to Petz series) sounds for Catz 1 only
Zott (Oddballz to Petz series) sounds for Catz II - Catz 5
Monkey sounds
Ratz sounds
Killer Whale sounds

Sounds for Oddballz

Buckaroo and Bucbronc sounds
Caramba! sounds
Deardear sounds
Kat and Cat breed sounds
Valentin sounds