Babyz Toyz
Page 1 of my hexed Babyz toyz -- the latest ones are on this page. They all show up separately in the closet with their own graphics. You need to extract the .toy file into your Resource\Toyz directory in your Babyz program directory.

For the Oddballz babyz and Oddball-eggz toyz, go to the Babyz Oddballz page
For my oldest Babyz toyz (Piggy, Santa Doll, Blowers, Blooms), and a bunch of toys in different closets plus hidden toyz on shelves (big teddy etc) go here
For babyz pools, extra baths, sippy cups, spoons, "catty", "bunny", and extra Kitchen high chairs go here

The kitchen magnets, separated out and made to show up in the kitchen closet. This one is for people who find that their magnets disappear, also for hexers who want to make a range of magnets of their own. They don't overwrite the original, and as far as I know you cannot put them back in the closet, so take care how you litter the kitchen with them, LOL!
separate magnets
separate magnets

The Christmas Spoon, made originally for DRN's 2005 Advent Calendar. You will find that food looks different when it's on this spoon :-)
Christmas Spoon
Christmas Spoon

The "Surprise" toy, made to show up in your attic closet. This seems to be a toy that the makers forgot about; in the Petz 4 game, the surprise is that there's a bubble machine inside. In Babyz, the makers forgot to delete the bubble machine filmstrips when they made that toy separate, and they didn't finish the box off. I've finished it off for you, and now the "surprise" is that you can use it to stuff more toyz into your toychestz, LOL! It overwrites the original. Version 1 is the standard box with lid, version 2 has a surprise lid :-) Hexers may be interested in version 2, which gives something extra to fiddle with.
Surprise box
"Surprise" box
"Surprise" box version 2

At last! The Teletubbies comes to amuse your Babyz! LOL... This will overwrite your Record Player and Record toyz, so make sure that you have them somewhere safe. You may get tired of seeing your babyz eternally watching TV, even when you're playing classy music :-)
Your babyz will dance to the teletubbies music when you put the tape into the slot.
Thanks to Kittycat of Waterfall Heaven for the idea, the music and a bunch of basic graphics which I altered, added to and made into the toyz; this is really a kind of "team creation". Note that although the teletubbies disco music is supposed to come on when you insert the little tape from the shelf, you may sometimes find that the music is actually linked to a different record. That's just a random quirk of the game.
Babyz dance
Teletubbies TV
If you have problems with the toy not showing up correctly, download this version instead:
Teletubbies TV version 2

This one is a complete toy with everything inside -- go to my tutorials page if you want my external-files one. This was made as I went through the steps myself when answering a couple of people who wanted to know how to make their treats show up properly. The Howto and example toy are on my tutorials page.
Babyz carrot treats
Healthy Carrot Treats

Another special request, this time from Liz as well as Dani. This toy overwrites the original Stuffed Man, and shows up in the playroom closet. It's the toy to use if you want to make a doll or similar type of toy, but don't want to have to fiddle with .lnz files. People who want to change the look of their stuffed man can of course use Tinker, available on this site's "Nicholas' tools" page :-)
Download the Stuffed Man toy

These two plants can now be put back on the playroom and attic shelves, plus they can now be moved between scenes in the toychest. The Babyz will be a bit more interested in them than they used to be.
Plants in toychest
Tall Green Plant
Yellow Flowers Plant