More Babyz Toyz
More of my hexed Babyz toyz. They all show up separately in the closet with their own graphics. You need to extract the .toy file into your Resource\Toyz directory in your Babyz program directory.

For my newest Babyz toyz, go here
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For my oldest Babyz toyz (Piggy, Santa Doll, Blowers, Blooms), and a bunch of toys in different closets plus hidden toyz on shelves (big teddy etc) go here

All three babyz in your game can now take baths together. By special request from Dani, I have made this so that it shows up in the Changing Table cupboard. This toy overwrites the original bathtub. People who want to change the look of their bath can use Tinker, available on this site's "Nicholas' tools" page :-)
Babyz Bathtub
Babyz Bathtub

Orange Ice cupOrange Ice cup
Orange Ice Cup
Shows up only in the freezer; not in the kitchen cupboard. For fun and as part of a "howto". If you'd rather have a more normal version which shows up in the kitchen cupboard, download this one

Kiddie Pool
Kiddie Pool
Shows up in the Nursery. Ideal to use with my "secret wood" playscene.

Kiddie Pool
Kiddie Pool
Shows up in the Playroom and Attic closets

Kitchen Goodies
This high chair shows up in the kitchen closet. Overwrites original.
High Chair
Wooden Spoon
White Spoon

timid bunny for your house
shows up in the Playroom closet. Overwrites original.

timid cat for your house
shows up in the Playroom closet and Attic shelves. Runs away like bunny.