Sister Sites :-)

Judy Roy's Pine Cone Cattery
Miranda's Pet Actorz Cattery (PAC)
Jordyn's Jewels

Important links which should work

Nicholas' own site
Firebird's Magic Kennel & Cattery
Don's Virtual Amberz
Jinxfold Cattery
Dani's DRN
Minibyte's Petz Archive


Virtual Life forum
The RKC Petz Forum

excellent for people who want serious hexing talk as well as general chatter.

Run by RatQueen of Ratqueen Kennelz and Cattery
The All About Petz Forum

is a great one also; very similar to RKC but with its own individuality.

Run by JinxFoldJulie of The JinxFold Cattery
The Petz Community Gathering

is where the people who used to be at "The petz Shiznit" and before that the old "The Petz Board" hang out now :-)

Links archive

All my links except for the ones on this page are unlikely to work. I have kept the pages of links as an archive which you my by all means browse; you might strike lucky and find one which works. I do not have time to check them all, sorry.
Links archive

How to contact me

hex-help at hornsc dot clara dot
(change "at" for an @ sign and "dot" for a period.

I've done it like this to try and keep spam at bay)
If you try to write to me and the mail bounces, well -- it shouldn't, so try again. I don't have any filters in place to prevent your mail from getting to me, so if there is a problem of any kind it will be something temporary at either my or your ISP.
Please note that I always reply to email as soon as I can, and deal with items that have been sent to me or at least acknowledge receipt of them. If you haven't heard back from me within 48 hours, please drop me a note to check that I did get the message or file; I don't mind little reminders, and it is just possible that email is getting lost sometimes.
Also I always try to make my reply as useful as possible. So I find it really annoying when I've spent time on a careful reply to someone, only to have it bounced back with "not accepting mail from this sender". If you are going to ask me a question, please try to make sure that you can receive my answers!!