Making your breed non-overwriting
For this, you don't need any tool except for LNZPro, preferably version 3.2 or later. You can download it from my "Nicholas' Tools" pages.

First, let's change the Adoption Centre bitmap. You don't need to, but hey, it's nice to have your own breed's picture, isn't it! So, open the breedfile into LNZPro. Click on the cross beside BMP and then put your cursor on the name of the cat or dog -- in this example, it's POUNCER. Choose "Replace from file" from the Edit menu.

Navigate via the dialog box that opens, until you find where you put the bitmap you want to use.

Click on Open. Save.

Now you need to change the ID number and breed name. Here's the quick and easy way... Choose Save As from the file menu

Type in the name you want your breed to be saved under in the dialogue box

Choose "Make a new breed"

Change the ID number in whichever box you feel most comfortable using -- I and many old-time hexers use the "hex" box, some people would prefer the "normal number" box

Then hit the Finish button.

Your breed is now non-overwriting. Yay! I told you it was ultra-easy :-D

If you want to do the ID number and name a bit differently, click here

If you want to make it have different 2-letter mnemonics and a different AC name, go on to page 3

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