Russian Blues

Russian Blues

"The Russian Blue is a dignified breed of Catz that rarely fights with other Petz unless provoked. Favorite activities of this breed include walking along the fence in the Back Yard and sitting in front of the fireplace..."

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  • Dropcap


    Birthday: 1st June 2021

    Origin: Bred HereParents: Palm x Equinox

  • Haunted Heels

    Haunted Heels

    Birthday: 25th February 2020

    Origin: Cheaco @ Lucky38

  • Kolachy


    Birthday: 29th May 2021

    Origin: Bred HereParents: Tahini x Olive

  • Olive


    Birthday: 15th January 2017

    Origin: Cheaco @ Lucky38

  • Tahini


    Birthday: 18th May 2021

    Origin: Bred HereParents: Aloe x Cloudwatching