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Howdy, and welcome to Chimes! I go by many names, but I usually go by Cherry or Wrenn nowadays on the Internet, and close friends call me Nikki. Chimes is a Petz 4 site dedicated to a variety of Petzy things, from showing my crew to fun things like showing my stamp collection.

My Current Prefix
Wrenn [Wrenn's Cookies N' Cream]

Retired Prefixes
FlightYew, FYKC, Komorebi, Kirshfleck, Wren

My Current Owner Name
“Wrenn@Chimes” (for regular) or "Wrenn@Regal Chimes" (for PKC)

Retired Owner Names
"Nicole (FYKC)", “Nicole (Komorebi)”, “Nikki (Kirshfleck)”, "Wren@Chimes"

Hiccup Sitting Gif


Gay/LGBTQ+ Lesbian Transgender Nonbinary Genderfluid

Chimes is not affiliated with P.F. Magic or Ubisoft, the rightful owners of Petz, this is merely a fan site
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