I have a few texture packs for you to download if you want! Feel free to use them for your petz, just please do not:
✦ Use on innapropriate/offensive hexes
✦ Use without crediting me
✦ Claim you made them
You're also free to edit them as you'd like! Just follow those past rules, please! I'm also okay with rehosting of my files to preserve them in case something happens to me/the website, just again, please acknowledge that they were made by me.

Simply click the images to download the .zip file for the textures.

Dont Starve

My very first actual texture pack! This uses altered textures from the game Don't Starve, an indie survival game by Klei Entertainment. Check it out, it has a really neat style! These are some pretty plain textures, but hopefully someone makes use of them.