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Sand'z Cattery and the Sand'z Cat

This page is dedicated to Wendy Zerla (also known as beach girl), who bred loads of fantastic catz which she made available to us all, and to the Sand'z Cat which I made for her from her special Fug pet.

The Sand'z Cattery site is still online, but hasn't been updated for several years. It contains an incredible array of fantastic downloadable adoptions, all of which will work in Catz 3, Catz 4, or Catz 5. Wendy was not only a very imaginative breeder; she also worked hard at hexing and was always eager to get tips from me. That's why her site has a beautiful "shades of brown" set of downloadable petz dedicated to myself *blush*. She became one of the more imaginative hexers of the day. I miss her. Every so often I go to her site with sadness, mixed with pleasure that she has left her site online for each new generations of Petz fans to enjoy. Almost everything there is still downloadable.
Sandz Catz
Here's what Wendy had to say about the breed: "Sand'z Catz are sweet, gentle giants. They are born 2 to 3 times larger than a normal catz. They get smaller as they grow up.  When full grown they will be up to 2 times larger than an normal catz. This breed was hexed (by Carolyn) from our mascott Fug, a naturally occuring mutation."

Sandz Cat (Catz 3)
Catz 3 Non-English ver
Sandz Cat (Catz 4)
Sandz Cat (Catz 5)

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