New Petz 4 Playscene items
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This page contains any playscenes or special items to go with playscenes that I make for the Petz 4 game.

fishy beach scene
A fishy view of the beach

To get the "goldfish" toyz that go with this scene, go to my Petz 4 toyz page, and to get the fishies, go to my Fishies page.
Yes, I know that in Real Life, goldfish are supposed to be freshwater fish. The ones I "liberated" from the goldfish bowl are ambiguous virtual types and can enjoy salt water :-)

NOTE: if you are trying to use my carrycase patch but can't see any .dll files in your game's Resource directory, then they are "hidden" and you need to un-hide them. Open either "My Computer" or "Windows Explorer" and, from the "View" drop-down menu, choose "Options". Now in the View pane of the dialogue box that pops up, choose "show all files" and not "hide files of these types". Click "OK", then go to that directory and you'll see the .dll files just fine. Make a copy of any file that you intend to patch, as these are important files and you might want your original back again!

The Petz 4 version of the Secret Wood is now available complete for you to download. It will look best if you download the special Carry-case with mice, and the toyz -- and I strongly recommend that you download the sounds also. Click on various things, such as the knot-hole by the lion's nose, for some little surprises, and have fun with the birdie-house and Scarab (dung-beetle). You can pick them up and move them around the place. The beetle does a dung-beetle's job of clearing up dirt, and the birdie-house keeps time for you. Oh, and there is a shelf in the bower above the Lion.
I hope you enjoy this scene and find it as magical as I do. I shall be putting together my notes and filmstrip bitmaps into a tutorial to help other people make their own carry-case and playscene. The scene-editing part will probably not be as interesting to petz 4 people, given that there is a playscene editor for Petz 4, but perhaps the part about toyz and the Carry-case will be.

special carry-case and mice
Secret Wood Carry-case and Mice
The Secret Wood
The Secret Wood
/ Sounds for Secret Wood
special toyz
Secret Wood special toyz

(Sept 16th 2003 I Updated the Dungbeetle)