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**On behalf of my dear friend, Carolyn and myself,
I'd like to give a HUGE THANKS to Arie for now hosting Carolyn's Creations!
-Sue Briley

My lovely Guardian Angel Cat logo was a gift from Thowraa's FBKC
To play with her online, click here. You'll need the Petz player plug-in (click), and the latest browsers won't support that. So unless you already have Netscape, you also need to download Netscape Commander 4 (click). Unzip and install Netscape, it won't affect any of your other browsers. Choose to install the included cosmo Player if it asks, because then you'll be able to play with the Catz 1 Catz World ! Then double-click on the Player to install it and you'll be able to play with Phantarella.

This is an archive of all the items that I have ever hex-edited or converted for the various P.F.Magic Petz, Oddballz and Babyz games. It also includes my stuff for Petz 5 which was created in 2002 by Studio Mythos and is in the same style as the older games. The websites for these games are now gone -- the new Dogz, Catz etc games which you see at Ubisoft's Petz site, and the various girly games for Nintendo DS at their "Babyz.net" site are in no way similar to the original Petz etc games and are not covered in my tutorials. I also do not have downloads for any Ubisoft games created from 2006 onwards. All that I have for you of those later games is my Info Only page, which may be useful for anyone wanting to "hex" or modify the PC versions of those games.

People with Dogz-only or Catz-only parts of the Petz games please read
If you want one of my breedz, please don't ask me to convert between dogz and catz games -- instead, download the relevant package from my "Cat species in dogz" or "Dog species in catz" pages, read the instructions carefully and install it. That will fool the game, and you can then download and play with my various species etc.

NOTE for site owners:
please do not directly link to the files or pictures at my site. I have no objection to anyone putting my breedz up elsewhere, provided that you put an acknowledgement also that they are my work. The same applies to my tutorials, although a link instead to my tutorials page would be a better idea as I am always in process of updating them.

Please note that my site has moved to Boardwalkerz thanks to Sue Briley's generosity.
I've left a few pages at the Petzwarehouse, with grateful thanks to Abby, so that people know where to come for my files. Bless you, Abby, for hosting my monster of a site for so long!

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Where my site is now
Thanks to Abby of the Petzwarehouse for kindly hosting my site for so long, without complaint as it grew and grew... And thanks to Sue of Petz Boardwalk for so generously providing mirror space for several months, and now taking on the whole burden.
If my site goes down at any time -- Eeeek! -- pop along to this page, where I'll keep you informed of whatever is going on.

Download problems? Read here

or my files confuse you:

If you have problems downloading a file from this site... right-click on it and choose "save link as" or "save target as" (whichever your browser says), follow the dialogue box which opens in order to save it to a place on your hard drive (usually the Desktop), then open it afterwards. Please do not write to me about any files which "have nothing in them" unless you have tried this method.
The Petz 3, 4 and 5 breedfiles are all sound-stripped. I've produced external sounds for all the original breedz as well as most of my "species" or "fantasy" breedz so that you can choose whether to download the sounds or play with the files mute.

Important Information

Windows XP, Windows 2000 (or NT), Windows ME users, and people who have some update to their system that is beyond mine -- if you have some problem with my breedz that I cannot duplicate on either my Windows 95 or my husband's plain Windows 98 system, then I cannot help you. If I am able to duplicate the problem, then there is something wrong with the file that I can (I hope) fix and of course I shall do my best to do so. If I am not able to duplicate it, then there is nothing wrong with the file and it is some mysterious problem related to an incomprehensible alchemy between your operating system and/or game and my file so I cannot fix it. Sorry. The only thing I can suggest is a possible fix for you to do for yourself; you'll find it here. Windows XP with SP2 has special new quirks, woop-de-doo. WinXP is bleurgh and Vista -- AAAARGH!! *hugs nice comfy Win95 setup, warts an' all*

It came to my attention a while ago that there were Petz 5 versions of some of my breedz at Nicky's Petzfriends site, and that those versions have wrong ID numbers etc. Nicky and I eventually reached an agreement which should fix any problems that people may have with this. Read here if you would like to know more about it, and about how to get your pets to breed if you downloaded one of the "conversions" from her site.
Please note that you do not need to convert any of my breedz to Petz 5, I make them all available for that game myself. I shall not convert anyone else's breedz, I do not have the time, but I have "howtos" up for you to try or you can ask for help on the various forums.

Mac users (or anyone else with this problem) if you download files and get gibberish appearing in your browser, ending up with a corrupted file when you try to save it, try either downloading with a download manager or look in your browser's cache and copy it directly from there. The copy that's in your cache should not be corrupted.

What's Happening Here

I checked through this again, and a lot of stuff has changed, so this is the latest state of play:

There's a bunch of odd bits and pieces that I need to finish off, but I have no idea when I'll get the time to do so. Foolers for all of the games are now available at my Boardwalkerz site.

The Oddballz-to-petz line -- still got a bunch of Transformations to do. I intend to put them together as two or three more all-in-one breedz. These will probably be the last "full" breedz I shall ever make, plus one breed that I promised years ago and will probably never be finished, for someone who has already left the Petz Community 8-}

I need to finish off the LNZ breakdown chunks, with special attention to the Oddballz info which has been sadly neglected. I also need to gather together various other little howtos, and the breakdown of a .pet and .baby file, and make them as comprehensible as possible (hah!) so y'all can fix petz, game-crashes etc.

I no longer need to fix the oversize-pet corruptions, thanks to Nicholas' Tools. Yay for Petza!

I've continued to tidy up my tutorials pages; I really hope that people can find things now. The actual tutorials are mostly written some time ago and newer available tools etc (such as Tinker, LNZPro 2, my easy-edit kits) have made things easier, so some of the tuts are more complicated than they should be, but they are mostly still valid.

Through lack of time, and because I don't breed or show petz, I no longer research 2nd-gen problems, so it's up to all you guys and gals to find out any new quirks in that area.

I also do not, and never shall, make "exclusives" for individuals. Everything that I make is downloadable for all. To be honest, I cannot understand this modern fashion for exclusivity. My ethos has always been to make information and game modifications free for all.

Real Life and a steady stream of sweet, vulnerable foster-cats and kitties clamour for my attention almost constantly. Hexing and these games have to come second, and can only be done in small snatches of free time. So I don't take breed-making requests any more, I just don't have the time. Really, the answer has to be "no" to requests. However, anyone can try it nowadays, as there is a choice of several tools, including LNZPro and Pet Workshop, as well as the utilities at MK&C, Resource Hacker, and my own Easy-edit packages.

There are lots of good hexers out there on the Internet, some of whom are kind-hearted or will do requests, so if you cannot bear to try hexing yourself, just ask around the various message-boards and forums. Look in my links pages for some forums that you can start with. I know the links pages are badly out of date as of December 2006, but I don't have time to fix them right now.

I'd like to thank Tom for the wonderful web pages that he maintained at the Petzwarehouse for so long, and I'd like to thank Abby of the PetzWarehouse for her patience and for providing the space to store my files for so many years.

Big thanks also to my pal Sue of Petz Boardwalk for coming to my rescue in the hard times, generously mirroring my lummox of a site, and finally hosting the whole shebang.

Thanks to Misty (aka Acid Chaos), for giving me the kick I needed to get interested in site making. Of her original design all that is left is the calculation of graphic sizes on the breedz pages -- left to myself, the graphics would have been all different sizes! Her original design was beautiful, but I couldn't see it in my favourite browser so in the end it had to go. But I am very grateful for her work, as without it I might never have repaired this site when we moved to the new server.