Females for Catz 3 and 4
Currently: 4

Whistle from Koo
Added: a long, long time ago

A lovely, easy-going girl and very maternal to younger Catz.
She's a fun, playful pet.
Looking for an interesting, kooky cat, looks don't matter.


Sooty from 304
Added: a long, long time ago

A great show cat, from great showing lines.
She has a fun Siamese personality and is a joy to play with.
Looking for any type of kitty for Petz 3/4.


Toffee from Dani @ Artichoke
Added: a long, long time ago

A sweet, loveable, one-of-a-kind mini chinchilla mix.
Looking for someone small like her, with a sweet personality and maybe a few patches.


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