Memory Lane

On this page, you can see where some of the petz I've adopted out in the past have gone and read testimonials written by their new owners! If you have any Petz you'd like to have featured on this page, please tell me all about them at!

Rice (MPA, originally from Myst Woven) and Barraco (Tani x Singapore)
Adopted by Janine in April and June 2006.

"I had to sumbit both of these kitties together! I adopted them two years ago and I am so glad I did! Barraco is a natural mini siamese mix, whom I love. He is sweet as can be and has a cali personality. I've used him to breed to see what interesting kittens I can get and his offspring are always amazing and gorgeous. Sometimes I get minis, sometimes I get meezers and sometimes cali mixes! Rice is Barraco's official mate whom I also adopted from here about two years ago! She is such a fiesty little thing. I fell in love with the alley head and tabby stripes! She usually makes calico kittens, which is odd! I love both of these babies and will probably keep them as long as I have my computer, along with all of my other pets! Thanks for letting me adopt them!"

Poliwag (Katoo x Waters)
Adopted by Amber @ Flummery in August 2008.

"Poliwag is a super special kitty for LOTS of reasons!! From looking at his pictures, Im sure you can tell he's your typical Alley cat! Moody, nasty, hissy.... But he's so much more than that! First off... HE LOVES... no... LIVES to be completely and utterly EVIL! XP look at those pictures and tell me he's not adorably EVIL? hhaha! I <3 him for that! Oh yes! He has a little sweetheart, named Seasons! He's very protective of her when other catz are around! He hisses very violently at them! And then walks around her and brings he toys! He he! He's not a poppa yet, but maybe someday! ^_~ He has a fetish of sorts, he likes to jump on things, then immediately jump off! he does this 10-20 times in a row! hahaha! He's very comical! I'm also loving his orange/cream combo! It's so awesome he was naturally born that way! <3 I wouldn't even THINK of hexing those eyelids!! I play with Poliwag ALOT... almost too much! <3 But I can't help it! He's just a riot to play with! I even catch my husband playing with him sometimes! <3 Thanks so much for this awesome kitty, Arie! He's very special to my (and my husband's, apparently!) heart!"

Ja (Spice x Creo)
Adopted by Commie @ Powerhouse in September 2008.

"I love solid or mostly-solid colored fuzzy Catz, and red is my favorite color on Petz, so when I saw Ja, I just HAD to have him! He's so gorgeous, and his Siamese personality just lets you know that HE knows he's gorgeous, too. And he's had lovely children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren! He's an all-around great Catz, and I'm so glad I got to adopt him. :)"

Sumi (Spice x Palast), Shima (Spice x Palast),
Kiyoshi (Kartini x Drifter), and Kinmei (Gondolin x Flabbergast)
Adopted by Lily @ Wild Abyss of Angels in October 2008.

"I knew nothing about these petz when I applied for them, except what I saw in their pictures. And they were beautiful. And I was worried because I fell in love with four catz all at once. I felt very sure I wasn't going to get such a big amount all at once, but I couldn't pick between them, so I took a chance and applied for them all. And thanks to Arie's generosity...I got them!! (Thankyou thankyou!! X3) All of these catz now have a very special place in my heart. I got to watch Sumi and Shima, the two siblings, grow up together. Quiet little Kiyoshi got to star in a music video, and Kinmei has kept me very busy attending to her every need. (She's quite demanding. :P) Every last one of these catz is a joy, and they're wonderful petz to have around. I'm always admiring Shima's coloring, and he keeps me entertained for long periods of time with his Calico personality. He's always cheerful, and can make me feel better if I've had a bad day. Sumi played a guest star in a music video, and played it so well that she's going to be in more of my videos very soon. She has alley cat in her, but doesn't act like one at all. She makes friends so easily, and has such a gentle personality! Kiyoshi is very quiet, and usually keeps to himself. (Although he can't STAND Kinmei) He's like another cat completely...he was such a little kitten when I got him, he's grown so much and is so beautiful! Kinmei's golden coloring really drew me in at first when I saw her. She's so lovely...and has the personality to go with it. She's relaxed, and not snooty like Siamese catz, but she isn't afraid to let you know when you're doing something she doesn't like. She glares at me alot. ^^' But she has her friends...all about as demanding as she is. All in all, I'm keeping these guys forever. I even made copies of them, and put them somewhere safe, in case an error ever strikes. So nothing can separate us now. I've played Petz 5 for years, and don't plan on stopping now. So Sumi, Shima, Kinmei and Kiyoshi shall never be left laying around, deleted, adopted out, or left "Floating In Space". Because they're my catz, and I'll be there for them forever, like they will be for me. Thanks so much for my catz, and words can never truly describe how happy you've made me! ^//^"

Snowdrift (Twelve x Creo)
Adopted by Rachel in October 2008.

"Snowdrift captured my heart from the very beginning. On the website, I was attracted to his looks, the pure white coat and beautiful eyes, but when I actually got him and put him in to my game he came alive! o_O I just love the little guy, how he is scared but fascinated by the fishbowl, and how he loves to get dressed up! Although he has an alley personality, he is very tolerable of all of my catz, and easily breeds without the help of PetzA. He's had four kittens so far, one that I've kept, and three that were auctioned off at Petz Auctions. He's a doll, thank you for giving him to me! xD"

Bay (Grain x Scarcity)
Adopted by Gamercat @ Petz Crib in July 2014.

"I just adopted Bay because of her beautiful colours and puff paws, I just thought she was adorable I guess! Bay is special because she is part of my early crew, and I never part with my early crew. She is a great asset to the crew because of her kind nature, and she is always willing to play with all my petz, even the temporary ones. Bay is one special kitty!"