Petzy Laughs

Behold, an entire page dedicated to petzy humour! If you have any funny petz-related jokes you'd like to see added to this page, send them to and if they make me chuckle, they'll end up here.

You know you play petz too much when you...

...expect your cat to walk in circles and meow constantly. your friend's new pants, but think they would look better in plush@65.
...think it's a miracle your dog had more than four puppies at once.
...think it is okay to paint animals and put ridiculous accessoires on them.
...believe tabbies can only have brown stripes, and each and every mutt has white patches.
...think of which breeds must be in its lineage every time you meet a dog or cat.
...are told by your parents to get off the computer, or else you'll get huge bug-like eyes from looking at the screen too long.
...don't understand why there is only one of each item in your wardrobe.
...are worried your cat might have a stuck pregnancy if she still hasn't given birth after two weeks.
...try to pick up a full-grown labrador with one hand.
...think striking a pose is all it takes to win a beauty show.
...get very excited when you notice your dog's eyelids are the same colour as his fur.
...believe pets never spill their food; the bowl never tips over and chow always magically drops back into it.
...won't stop looking for a "no background in pictures" option on your digital camera.
...go to the barber's and ask for "hair3, please".
...would describe yourself as having 154 eyes and 91 hair.
...ask your pet for an 'up' trick and you have no idea why they're lying down. - Pip @ Citrus start looking for a bottle of love potion every time you see your crush. - Lithh
...when looking around a pet shop you ask, "Do they have small file sizes?" - Lithh
...your geography homework is a map of the Snow Scene. - Lithh