Chat with Petz

If you've ever wanted to know what your petz are thinking, wether it's out of curiousity or because you could really use an animal's advice, then you've found what you were looking for. Here, you can talk to a panel of varying petz by clicking the link below. Don't be shy - they don't bite! The chat isn't in real time, so it might take a little while before the petz respond. You can also scroll down to read some of the questions asked and answered in the past.

Previous questions

Question: Hey cute little Petz! My question is: Do you speak English?
Vivian: "Yes, we speak English. Secretly, all petz understand their owners' speech. We just pretend not to understand what you say to us. ;)"

Question: Hi petz! What are you up to?
Drifter: "We're up to cool petzy stuff. You know, eating and getting pet and playing in the backyard."

Question: I wondered if you guys like posing for your owner's layout, or if you're really camera-shy?
Coward: "Haha! She doesn't need to sneak pictures of me. I love posing for the camera!"
Vivian: "Yeah, me too. I'm a little jealous Guinevere got to be in the layout instead of me!"

Question: Drifter, have you had any kittens, and what do you think of them? Do you like being a father?
Drifter: "There's not much to being a father in a petz' life... at least not in mine. My babies usually get adopted out quickly. That's okay though, I know they go to good homes!"

Question: I was wondering, what's it feel like to be a pet up for adoption? Is it scary? Sad? Exciting? Or what?
Drifter: "Well... before Arie adopted me, I felt pretty anxious, because when you're on PA, your future is unsure. But when people started bidding on me, I got more excited and curious."

Question: Hi Coward, you are adorable! So, do you like to pose?
Coward: "Yep! As dalmatians do, I quite like posing. (You can probably tell from my picture, too.)"

Question: Hey everypetz, how are you? What is it like on the chat panel?
Coward: "We're fine, thanks. It gets a little boring here when there is nobody talking to us, though."

Question: If you petz are so bored waiting for people to chat with, why not help Arie with her work so she can update the site?
Vivian: "You got it all wrong! We just DISTRACT her from her work. :P"

Question: Drifter, what breed are you?
Drifter: "My personality matches my looks - I'm a russian blue."

Question: Drifter, have you ever had grand-kittens?
Drifter: "I don't know if I've ever had grand-children. None of my kids live here anymore so I rarely hear from them."

Question: Drifter, do you ever worry about dogz? Like, whether they're friendly or not? A cat's life could get stressful like that, I'd imagine!
Drifter: "I don't really worry about them. Most of them are quite friendly, and if they're not, I know how to stand up for myself!"

Question: Your majesty, do you have any majestic juniors?
Quake: "Why, yes, I do. My daughter Viking also lives here. My other children have all gone out elsewhere to roam the world. They look gorgeous where-ever they go."

Question: So tell me petzies, what's it like behind that red door?
Drifter: "There's a big cosy room behind there, where everyone relaxes together, and we keep eachother company so we don't get lonely. ^_^"

Question: "Is it true that all dogs hate cats?"
Coward: "That's definitely untrue... I for one don't hate cats just because they're cats."
Vivian: "I just hate cats that spazz out at the sight of a dog... >.<"

Question: "How do you guys feel about PetzA?"
Drifter: "It's REALLY weird at first! When you feel happy and full from one moment to the next O.o But you get used to it."
Vivian: "It's not too bad once you get used to it... I still don't like being gender-swapped though x.x"
Coward: "Yep, that's how I feel too! It's a bit weird sometimes. But it's all part of a petz' life. =P"
Quake: "It's one of the amazing luxuries of modern life."

Question: "What is it like to be a file?"
Drifter: "We're not really aware we're files. We feel like little animals/people. When we are not being played with, it's like being asleep. Sometimes we're vaguely aware of being moved around, but that's it."

Question: "I was wondering, what's it like to watch your children grow up and be adopted?"
Coward: "It's just like when your child grows up and moves out. The only difference is we'll probably never see our offspring again. But it's okay, we trust they're going to good homes. ^_^"

Question: "How does it feel to sometimes mate with your dad/children? It must be horrible! :["
Vivian: "Gladly Arie does not make us do that usually! But since it's done with PetzA it's not that bad; you do not ACTUALLY mate, you are instantly pregnant. It's not awkwardly intimate that way. :]"

Question: "Vivian, are your eyebrows bleached or are you just naturally so awesome looking?"
Vivian: "I am naturally this awesome looking. ;P And thank you!"

Question: "What do you lot feel like about hexing? I mean, if someone wanted to hex you to make you look completely different?"
Drifter: "Brexing is just like plastic surgery, except that it is painless. It takes a while to get used to your new looks though, or so I've heard."

Question: "How much time do you spend playing with toys instead of doing anything else (eating, sleeping, digging, taking care of children, mating)?"
Vivian: "We spend most of our time playing with toys (and other petz) when we can! It's definitely the most fun thing there is to do."
Quake: "Not me though. Such rough activities aren't for someone civilized like myself."

Question: "Do you ever get tired of breeding and giving away your children?"
Coward: "Well... sometimes. It depends really! If it's just one litter every now and then, that's alright."
Vivian: "Being treated like a puppy mill on the other hand, does wear you out!"

Question: "Do any of you know how it feels to be deleted, or heard about it?"
Drifter: "Well obviously, none of us have been deleted xD I also don't personally know anyone who has."
Coward: "I don't think we'd notice really - it wouldn't be different from when the pet's file just gets moved. We wouldn't know they're really gone forever until later."

Question: "Coooward, would you like to come home with meee? xD My question is, do any of you have an "arch enemy"? :P"
Coward: "Sorry, I don't think Arie would approve of me moving to your game xD And I don't have an arch enemy."
Vivian: "I don't get along with Sanchez very well ever since I stepped on his tail... darn guy is SO tiny, I didn't see him. ><"
Quake: "I can't stand mutts."

Question: "Coward and Vivian, do you like to chase cats? Because I got Catz 5 one time, but my dogz chased my catz."
Vivian: "Wel... sometimes! It can be fun!"
Coward: "It's just something that dogz do. It can't be helped. :P"

Question: "Coward, have you ever been chased by a cat? I almost think it would serve you right~ c;"
Coward: "What?! No! The only catz that would have a reason to wouldn't dare anymore. xD"

Question: "Coward and Vivian, what's it like being a dog?"
Coward: "It's a dog's life! ;P"
Vivian: "I've never been anything else, so I'm not sure how it compares. xD But it's not bad!"

Question: "Hey Coward and Vivan, what does the food taste like in the petz games?"
Coward: "If you've ever tried dog food in real life, that will give you a good impression of what it tastes like. ;P"
Vivian: "Oh Coward, what kind of person would do that?! No, I'd recommend the treats... especially the beef ones, they compare to the juicest five-star steak to my tastebuds. Delicious."

Question: "For the dogs... what are you mixed with? You sure are pretty!"
Vivian: "We've both got all breeds in our ancestry. But Coward is mostly dali, and I'm mostly lab and mutt."

Question: "What's your opinion of getting dressed up? Do you have any favourite/despised garments?"
Quake: "I enjoy wearing the crown, and other stylish garments too."
Vivian: "Small stuff like bows is okay, but I generally prefer running around bare!"
Drifter: "I don't like glasses and antlers because they get in the way, but other than that, the more the merrier!"
Coward: "I love everything about dressing up!"

Question: "So Coward, what's your favorite thing to do in the spring?"
Coward: "When it's finally nice outside again, I love going out to play fetch!"

Question: "Quake & Drifter, do you two do tricks? Why do so many catz refuse to do them? *shakes fish treat box invitingly*"
Drifter: "It gets hard to concentrate when there's a yummy treat in front of your face, you know! But I know a few catz who do enjoy doing tricks."
Quake: "I don't take commands. T_T Doing tricks is for circus artists."

Question: "Hey Vivian, what's your favorite thing to eat?"
Vivian: "My favourite food ever are the Beef Treats, but Leftovers are really yummy too."

Question: "What is it like when your waiting for your owner to play with you?"
Drifter: "We spend most of that time napping, grooming, and just generally relaxing. So it's not too bad!"

Question: "Does it ever get crowded in the room inside the carrying case?"
Vivian: "Yes, it does get crowded in there sometimes, especially if there are tons of petz in the game! There's room for everyone, but sometimes there's not so much room to stretch a leg for a bit."

Question: "Hey Coward, does your owner ever get on your nerves?"
Coward: "Haha, you bet she does! For instance, when she keeps bothering me for a cute picture and I just don't feel like posing. But it's a good doggie's duty to do as your owner says! ^_^"

Question: "Quake, what is your favorite thing to do?"
Quake: "I prefer to rest and groom."

Question: "How do you deal with hairballs while you're in the room behind the door?"
Drifter: "They're actually pretty fun to play with... :$ That's how I "deal" with them, anyways. ;P"

Question: "Vivian, what is your most cherished memory? "
Vivian: "Hmm... that's a good one! It probably was when Arie decided to keep me after trying to adopt me out, because it meant I could stay with my childhood friends all my life! I was over the moon when I heard."

Question: "Has anyone ever pestered you about your name, Coward?"
Coward: "Nobody would dare do something like that! ;P Nah, I've received playful jabs about my name, but nothing malicious or mean."

Question: "Vivian, are you obsessed with the auto ball?"
Vivian: "Interesting question, but no! It's a fun toy, but I'm not obsessed. I actually prefer toys that don't move on their own. It can be creepy when toys do that!"

Question: "Quake, do you ever dream of having a royal prince by your side? Or is there one?"
Quake: "Oh, but there is a royal prince here. It's me. :]"

Question: "Do you know what it is like to have litter after litter after litter?"
Vivian: "Well... luckily not! We're not *quite* a puppy mill, here! We just do one litter at a time. Larger breeding sprees almost always involve lots of different couples, so the strain isn't all on you."

Question: "Quake and Drifter, do you like chasing mice?"
Drifter: "Yes!! Mice are more fun than any toy could ever be!"
Quake: "Mice are dirty. You don't know where they've been."

Question: "So I see the chat has come under new management. For all the curious people out there, who are you and why did you decide to be here?"
Angel: "Hello! Well evidently, we are some of the petz living here. :P We were selected to be on the chatbox, none of us really solicited to be here..."
Silk: "Except for me! I'd watched Coward and Vivian be on the panel since the start, and it looked like it'd be fun!"

Question: "What are you petz's favorite thing to do? Any best buds?"
Angel: "One of my best buds is Shakira, because we were adopted shortly after each other!"
Cashew: "My favourite thing to do is playing with my buddy Flash!"

Question: "When was the last time someone spoke to you?"
Silk: "We usually get a question every few months. So we get all the peace and quiet we could possibly want! :P"

Question: "Do you ever get bored of waiting for questions?"
Dwight: "We do get a little bored when it takes a loooong time :c"

Question: "This is exceedingly important: your opinions on the Wild West tortoises?"
Angel: "I don't think I've ever met them... O.o None of us have been to the Wild West!"

Question: "What is it like when you move from one owner to another? Do you know right away that you have a new home?"
Cashew: "We can tell we're being moved, but we don't know where we are or with who until we are taken into the game to meet our new family!"

Question: "What is it like being a pet?"
Dwight: "It's good being Petz - a life of leisure, for the most part!"