What could be more fun than decorating your homepage or signature with tiny graphics signifying a niche interest?! To join any of these cliques, just take the one you like, upload it to an image host (please, no direct linking!), and place it on your website or in your signature linking back to LF. Enjoy!

Petz fur colours

If you're into breeding petz, surely you'll have noticed the lovely colour mutations that sometimes appear in the offspring. In total, there are ten different colours naturally bred petz can have. Fancy, huh? And they're all so pretty, too. Is there one you think is prettier or more attractive than the rest? Join this clique!

Wet soft water

It's everypetz' favorite flavor, soft wet water! The best way to keep your pixel darlings hydrated, with none of that nasty calcium buildup. Your petz will love it!

The Carrot: a Troublemaker

Every year, dozens of Petz players experience troubles after leaving carrots or carrot seeds planted in the ground. It is very important that we help as many people as possible be aware of the dangers of the carrot. Friends don't let friends leave their carrots unattended! Join this clique to spread the word!

I love iFrames

An ode to 20th century web design - which is just what we like in the PC!

Show Ring Specialties

We all have a "thing" when it comes to the show ring. What's yours?

Abuse hurts!

This one isn't exactly a clique, but some of the oldies in the petz community might remember seeing this image on nearly every site there was - I sure do! Both for nostalgia's sake and because animal abuse is a terrible thing, I thought it would be nice to reintroduce that poor, sad chihuahua that used to be all over the place. I edited the image to be transparent, but otherwise do not take any credit - knowledge as to who originally created this image seems to have been lost in the sands of time.

Web Fun Pack Stuff

Just some fun old-school gifs edited from Web Fun Pack stock images! Perhaps "clique" is a bit of a big word for these, but hey, this is as good a place to put them as any.

PC Veteran

You've been here a while. You've seen it all. The rise and fall of great community hubs. The grand opening and quiet closing of popular sites. The unfolding of one shocking drama after another. The coming and going of so, so many faces, trends and customs. For weathering the unending storms of time: a humble decoration.

Days of the week

At the end of the week, many can be heard sighing, "thank god it's Friday!" because it's their favourite day of the week, it's almost weekend, yay! But what about people who have to work on weekends? Different people, different favourite days! Whether it's because that's when you get your paycheck, or when your favourite show is on, or when you go to your sports club - you love that one day. Show it off!