Cat Singles

Singles! They're just like litters, but without the siblings. Some were bred as a fluke, some are leftovers, some were specifically bred when I wasn't in the mood to do a whole litter. Enough babbling, scroll down already!


- When showing, keep LF's in the prefix.
- Don't put up for download, auction, or sale.
- When no longer wanted, MPA or return to me instead.
- Do not hex/brex/edit in any way without my explicit permission.
- You may change the pet's gender and name.
- All require a (small) application, unless stated otherwise.
- If you don't fill out the form properly, I may ignore your application.
- There's a limit of two singles adoptions per week.


Which pet:
From page:

Send the above form to Do not use this form for litter adoptions.


Can you believe how cool this eye color looks! Mini, pictured at age 100.


A very cool semi-mini shorthair mixie full of personality!


What a beautiful cat! If I wasn't tired of icy eyes being everywhere, she'd be staying for sure.

Amphibian Fossil

Who doesn't love a good gangly persian?!


The original Delighyful Coon, a hexed file inspired by the hexing style of Delighy @ Aniseed! Trade preferred.

Otro Grotto

This fun, playful calico mixie is another pet that was returned after being adopted. Aren't those ears just so cute?