Dog Litterz

Welcome to the dog litters page! Here, you will mostly find dane, dali and mutt mixies, but there's a little bit of every breed. My aim is to constantly have a large amount of nicely varied litters up, so if you don't find anything that steals your heart - check back soon! I might have added something new in mean time. And if you're up to it, you can always request a litter on my crew site!


- When showing, keep LF's in the prefix.
- Don't put up for download, auction, or sale.
- When no longer wanted, MPA or return to me instead.
- Do not hex/brex/edit in any way without my explicit permission.
- You may change the pet's gender and name.
- All are freebies, except the ones marked with an asterisk.
- You can take up to two petz per litter.
- If you don't fill out the form properly, I may ignore your application.
- There's no overall limit, but please be reasonable.


Which pet:
From litter:

Send the above form to
Remember to fill out the litter your wanted pet is from!

Proxy x Dox
Centimeter - Kilometer - Millimeter - Meter - Decimeter

Requested by Tracy! Fancy big feet on all of these. Millimeter and Decimeter strongly take after Dox! Millimeter grows into her big eyes, she has normal eyes as an adult.

Autocorrect x Pinchit
Sequel - Remake - Anthology - Original - Prequel

Requested by Horse! A curious couple makes a curious litter. Sequel and Prequel are minis, while Remake and Original have bigger scales. Anthology grows up to be the funniest-looking dog I've ever seen.

Kim x Plush
Sweet - Dry - Bitter - Sour - Salty

Requested by Teki10! Someone has secret orange genes, it seems! Dry has a hilarious poodle personality. Bitter has a cute old school look. I quite like Sweet and Sour's fluffy parts!

Annie x Dale
Brentleigh - Traidynne - *MyckEnziey - Khayrliy - Le-a

Dusty babies! Don't the slothy eyes look perfect? MyckEnziey and Le-a are trotters.

Approx x Crescent
*Gush - *Hush - Lush - Rush - *Mush

This litter was a joy to breed! Gush, Hush and Mush are trotters. All five puppies have tons of patches and a labrador body.

Eva x Kailie
Smart - *Sore - Ache - Pain - Hurt

Ache, Hurt and Pain are very stout and compact, a very cute look! Smart grows into the weird scales and is completely proportional as an adult. Sore is slightly mini and has a sassy poodle personality!

Jouska x Tutu
Sack - Hack - Pack - Back - Lack

Lack and Pack are trotters. All have full face streak and a bunch of other patches - except Sack, who rocks a very smooth patchless look with black point markings instead. Back and Sack are of regular dachie size, the other puppies are all bigger, to varying extents.

Philippa x Montgomery
Bjorn - Sigrid - Hvitserk - *Ivar - Ubbe

Such a beautiful litter, with just the right amount of variety! All puppies have a full face streak and a lot of patches, with Sigrid being the patchless exception. I love Ivar's dark eyes!

Sentimental x Unconsumed
Gear - Dear - Near - Fear - Hear

Floppy puppies! All have a nice set of mutt patches. Dear and Near trot for sure - the others might too, but haven't been checked. All have small eyes as adults.