Dog Litterz

Welcome to the dog litters page! Here, you will mostly find dane, dali and mutt mixies, but there's a little bit of every breed. Most are freebies; petz marked with an asterisk require a (small) application. My aim is to constantly have a large amount of nicely varied litters up, so if you don't find anything that steals your heart - check back soon! I might have added something new in the mean time.

Eva x Kailie
Smart - *Sore - Ache - Pain - Hurt

Ache, Hurt and Pain are very stout and compact, a very cute look! Smart grows into the weird scales and is completely proportional as an adult. Sore is slightly mini and has a sassy poodle personality!

Jouska x Tutu
Sack - Hack - Pack - Back - Lack

Lack and Pack are trotters. All have full face streak and a bunch of other patches - except Sack, who rocks a very smooth patchless look with black point markings instead. Back and Sack are of regular dachie size, the other puppies are all bigger, to varying extents.

Blondie x Theseus
Sepal - Petal - Stem - Carpel - Stamen

If you are in need of a fluffy posey poodle, you're in luck! It's hard to tell from the picture, but Carpel has a chest patch.

Cashflow x Cheer
*Cerulean - *Cobalt - Indigo - *Sapphire - *Azure

I just love a good mutt, and all of these are excellent examples! The fuzz, the spots and patches, the colors... need I say more?

Clue x Bob
*Emu - *Kiwi - Cassowary - Ostrich - Rhea

Breeding scotties is not my strongest suit, but I think these came out nice enough. Rhea in particular is a sweetheart, and her dark eyes are stunning! Ostrich is a more conventional kind of pretty.

Inari x Scary
Prawn - Lobster - Crab - Crayfish - *Shrimp

It's simply neat when all the petz in a litter really look related. Look at those alternating coat and sock colors! Shrimp's black muzzle gives her a unique look.

Jenna x Gremlin
Constantly - *Always - Never - Rarely - Sometimes

These may look like regular cute dachies, but beware! There is quite a bit of poodle personality here. It makes for some fun quirks, though!

Legend x Poetic
Golden - Lemony - Blonde - *Amber - Flaxen

Shortie labs! Always a fun combination of parts. Amber and Flaxen have all the patches. Blonde's ears are adorable, and Golden has the perfect eyes for her coat.

Nike x Hornet
*Cherry - Vermillion - Ruby - *Carmine - *Scarlet

Beautiful red danes! The brown and orange accents on Cherry and Vermillion make for a nice almost-gradient. Carmine's little tail is the cutest!

Sheep x Deleted
Luigi - Mario - Waluigi - Toad - Yoshi

Dali mixies are always in style - and for a reason! All of these guys have a bunch of patches and are pretty eager to pose for the camera. Show dogs to be!

Venus x Starboard
Silhouette - *Penumbra - Shadow - Contour - Outline

Fluffy sheepies! Both poofy full length tails and cute little bobs are represented. Something about Penumbra's simple, timeless looks makes me feel very nostalgic.

Vitruvius x Intoxicating
*Whale - *Orca - *Dolphin - *Porpoise - *Narwhal

What a fun litter this was to breed and photograph! These puppies are all just so fuzzy, floppy and silly. And several of them are trotters!