Cat Litterz

Welcome to the cat litters page! Here, you will mostly find persian, calico, meezer and alley mixies, but there's a little bit of every breed. Most are freebies; petz marked with an asterisk require a (small) application. My aim is to constantly have a large amount of nicely varied litters up, so if you don't find anything that steals your heart - check back soon! I might have added something new in the mean time.

Accusatory x Lucifer
Trunks - Gohan - *Goku - Goten - Vegeta

Classic calicos! They should all have a full set of white patches. Orange with icy eyes is always a fun combo, but Gohan's pink eyes are very pretty too.

Cinnabun x Cupid
Wanheda - Praimfaya - Natblida - Skairipa - Wonkru

Skinny legs, plentiful rears, and scaredy shakes all around. Not Skairipa though - she is a meezer personality! Natblida and Wonkru are like cute little kitten twins.

Clarice x William
Toyota - *Daihatsu - Mitsubishi - *Subaru - Suzuki

Daihatsu, Subaru and Suzuki have a full set of patches. I love the calico coats, big tails and orange eyes!

Babey x Helpless
Sun Haven - *Harvest Moon - Slime Rancher - *Stardew Valley - *Garden Story

Just some fun, happy-go-lucky tabby mixies! Slime Rancher has black eyelids. All should have a full set of white patches.

Clapperteeth x Marksman
Felony - Faux-Pas - Crime - *Infraction - Misdemeanor

Ah, who doesn't love wild chinchilla scales? It's a little hard to see, but Misdemeanor has a chest patch.

Emergency x Gum
Sour - Four - Pour - Tour - Hour

You can't go wrong with calico mixies! I love Pour's dark eyes. And look at all those cute alley spots!

Gage x Hillside
Yta - *Nah - *Esh - Aita - Wibta

This was such a fun litter to breed! Esh's ears are just too cute, and the grey eyelids really work for Nah. I also really enjoy Yta's simple, classic look!

Libertine x Blackmail
Soggy - Wet - Damp - Drenched - *Moist

The patches, the consistent color scheme, the pretty eyes, not to forget the attitude... I'm here for it.

Marilda x Bruce
Socket - *Wocket - *Pocket - Locket - *Rocket

Breeding shorthair mixies is always a thrill - simply one of my favorite breeds! All of these kitties have a full set of patches and should be eager to pose.

Matazz x Horatio
Dicky - Micky - *Nicky - Ricky - Vicky

Little scaredy babies... handle them gently, please. Dicky and Ricky are pretty much twins, but Micky takes the cake; the lack of patches just makes him look so soft and warm!

Phosphene x Office Data
Gassey - Achey - Crampey - Bloatey - *Rumbley

The scales on those big beasts are a lot more proportial as adults, I promise! Bloatey and Rumbley's eyes are just perfect with their coat colors. Gassey is a sweet little thing!

Proud x Trigeminal
*Ready - Complete - Fulfilled - Finished - Done

Persians are always wonderful. All of these have a cute plump body shape with the legs to match, except Ready - she has the funniest little stilts.

Shaffer x Ray
*Minimal - *Major - *Maximal - *Moderate - Minor

A regal bunch! Moderate truly is the pick and the princess of this litter with her bright eyes. Minor might look like the odd one out, but isn't he just too lovely to skip?