Guessing Games

On this page, you can win random petz from all sorts of little games, all of which have one thing in common: deep down, you have to make a lucky guess to get the pet you want. All the petz you can win here are for Petz 3 and up, and the same general adoption rules apply as to the regular adoptions.

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Sometimes, it's one little thing about a pet that captivates you. Perhaps the little things up there are captivating to you as well? The downside is, you won't have any idea what the rest of your new pet looks like until you put it in your game. If you're in for a surprise, try your luck with these little thumbnails and who knows what you'll get!


Green - Red
Orange - Yellow - Blue

Curiously, these petz are quite hard to look at - all you can make out is their silhouette and the color of their aura. What could be hiding behind these mysterious, shapely hues? Only one way to find out!

More games coming soon!