Downloadable Litters

Not many sites these days still host downloadable adoptions - and that, while they can be such a joy! That's why this little page here came into existance. Simply click a petz' name to download it. The same rules apply for these petz as the regular adoptions, with the exception that downloadables can be deleted instead of returned. Most of the petz in these litters are not full siblings, but they might still be related.

Scottie-eared Danes
Brown - Cream - Black - Tan - White

I personally am crazy about danes with non-dane ears, especially scottie ones. That's what this litter is all about: danes with cute little scottie ears. White has a bunch of hidden patches.

Halfie tamsins
Black Spots - Red - Tan Spots - Tan - Black

Here's a bunch of cute halfie tamsins! All of them have chest patches, face streaks, and other white patches.

Patchwork catz
Oshie - Alley - Calico - Meezer

All four of these girls have a full set of patchwork markings, natural selfie eyelids, and beautiful eyecolours! Alley has the personality that matches her looks; the rest are a little more mixed up.

Tabby-striped catz
Meezer - Alley - Calico - Shorthair - Tabby

All of these pretty kitties have one thing in common: tabby stripes! Who doesn't love 'em? Also, face streaks and chest patches. The giant poofy tails are a nice bonus.

Tuxedo catz
Spider George - Cave Irrigation - Amazon Prime - Going Under - Fried Egg

Black catz with a full set of white patches are a real classic. Spider George has an alley cat personality, the rest are all a lot more agreeable.