Arie's Wishlist

This page should speak for itself, but just in case: here you'll find all the things I like and dislike in petz in a neat little table. It might not be much use to anyone but myself, but who knows how it'll come in handy!

Catz In general Dogz
Things I like...

oshie bodies
alley ears
alley patches
point markings
a great big many things!
maximum white patches
selfie/matching lids
poofy tails, feet, legs
(realistic) wilds
things that breed true
boot markings
swapped ears
lab tails
Things I dislike...

calico patches
meezer feet
meezer ears
alley body
one-ball tail tip marking
mismatched eyelids
AC/purebred looks
lack of markings
icy blue eyes
Petz 5 petz/breeds
extra files of any kind
body/face mismatch
stubby tails
bullie legs
scottie feet
scottie legs