Knick-knacks, paraphernalia, curios, trinkets, memoranda... this page is the image-heavy keepsake cabinet where I stash all the random things I've collected or been gifted over time! Some images are too big to fit the frame and have been downsized, but you can drag them to a new tab to view them in full size. Enjoy!

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Awards & prizes


Lily made this graphic of all the petz she'd adopted from me over the years as a birthday gift! Very cool - it's like a petz version of Where's Waldo!




I have a particular interest in collecting art of my cat Ute, which can be found here. Below are works modelled after any other petz.

Vaire, by Mrrple from the AAP forum.

Ici and Hawn, as drawn by Lily. I love their cute facial expressions!

Strawberry, portrayed by Cyove. Used this as my signature for forever.

A very cute drawing of Mural, by Perichan!

An outrageously cute drawing by Kelpie, depicting my first hexed file, the Summer Coon.

Valentine's Day

Trading cards

Miscellaneous stuff

From Chelsea @ Infinite Abyss.