hello, friends! welcome to


, a petz 4+ fan website where you will find adoptions, games, services, and more. freefall has disappeared without warning many times since its creation in the early 2000s, but now we are back and here to stay.

if you have stumbled upon this website by accident or because i can't shut up about it on social media and you have no idea what petz is, I suggest you read the official wikipedia page, as well as this article that makes me cry at least twice a week.

Last Updated:


  • a couple of new litters are available on the adoptions page!
  • added a chat box to the homepage, because what's a petz website without one?
  • also added a little page about my real life cat flaubert in the info section.
  • so happy to welcome back harvest as a sister site! <3
  • many new petz have been added to the crew. mainly dalmatians and velveteens. dali week over at whiskerwick was insane and insanely fun!
  • a winner has been chosen for the name that pet contest!
  • bunni's miss meow went on a date with our very own cameron! go check it out!


  • welcome to the grand reopening of freefall! please take a look around, there are adoptions and many fun things to do.
  • the plan is to create and hide many more stamps across this website, but for now there are only two.