hi, friends! my name is


. i am twenty-nine years old and i was born in belgium, europe. i live with my boyfriend, our adopted tabby cat called flaubert, and an army of houseplants in a beautiful flat that i am head over heels in love with. i have a degree in applied linguistics and translation studies, but somehow ended up working in retail for three and a half years. recently, i made the decision to change jobs. i am currently working for a non-profit organization which promotes veganism.

i started playing dogz 3 in the late 90's and became obsessed with the game pretty quickly. i loved downloading as many hexed breeds, clothes and toys as possible. apkc.co.uk was my very favourite website. i soon discovered the petz community and met a girl my age who i talked to nearly every single day. she kindly sent me a copy of her catz 3 game because i couldn't find it anywhere in stores.

once i had catz 3, i became more active in the community though i was still very shy. i enjoyed adopting and breeding calico mixies, and looked up to a great many members of the community. i vividly remember some of my favourite websites being bizarre, socks, honeydukes, cargo, middle night, harvest, and mockingham place.

my favourite petz breed is by far the


, but i am finally learning to love and appreciate the other breeds as well. i prefer my dog mixies to have breed-matching bodies and my cat mixies to have calico bodies (with the exception of persians and meezers). i love sloth, pink, and green eyes most of all.

i still enjoy breeding, but would like to try and focus more on the aspects of the game and community that i have been neglecting for many years such as naturally raising my petz, gameplay challenges, showing, and making stamps, cliques and other fun graphics for the community.

outside of playing petz, i enjoy reading, taking care of my houseplants, practicing yoga, cooking and baking, playing world of warcraft, and analog photography.