i always loved the idea of having my own website. before i got into petz, i was obsessed with digimon and i'd spend hours creating websites about my original characters and stories. these websites were never actually uploaded to the internet, but i didn't care. creating them for my own enjoyment was the best bit.

freefall was the very first website i ever made public and it was such a scary experience. i felt so insecure and i thought no one would like what i had done. fortunately, the petz community was super sweet and many people adopted from me which made me incredibly happy.

the name freefall comes from a very obscure song by a belgian artist. it is so obscure that it is no longer possible to find a high-quality version of it online. i loved the sound of the word and thought it would make a good name for a petz website. by looking up the release date of the song, i figured out that i must have created freefall around 2006.

sadly, i no longer have any screenshots of freefall's past layouts. the first five-ish layouts were made by myself and looked pretty basic, but freefall's final two layouts were created by the wonderful breanna at felidae and were simply stunning.

currently, freefall is hosted by the wonderful arie at litterz factory and our layout was created by the massively talented lida at hextroardinary. without these two incredible people, freefall wouldn't be what it is today. i am really proud of the look and feel of freefall and i hope it can be a fun place for petz fans to hang out.

freefall used to be an adoptions-only kind of website, but since my interests within the community have shifted, i really want freefall to reflect that. i would like freefall to have the same kind of energy as the old-school petz websites i used to love so much as a child.

if you have any feedback or ideas to share to make freefall even better, i would love you to email them to me.