flaubert is a very grumpy and very chonky tabby cat whom my boyfriend and i adopted on august 10th, 2021. he was named after gustave flaubert, though not because we are particularly fond of the author. we just thought the name suited this fine gentleman.

we don't know much of flaubert's past life. he was found on the streets shortly before we adopted him. he'd been in a pretty bad fight which left him with a floppy ear and a damaged tear duct. flaubert is also fiv positive.

flaubert was taken in by a foster father and adapted very easily to domestic life which leads us to believe he'd lived a pretty cushy life for several years before being separated from his previous family.

we dote on this beautiful boy very much. he is the light of our lives. he likes us too, but only when we're quietly sleeping and not bothering him with our loving kisses.