The queer community is something incredibly important to me! I myself am a Nonbinary Lesbian, and, since I know a good amount of the Petz community is queer, I wanted to make some Pride cliques!

If you're looking through this and start asking "What are these sexualities/genders/pronouns??" Google is your friend! There's plenty of wikis for LGBTQ+ matters! For the paws, each one will have its name appear when you hover over it, so you can look it up.

If you decide to use these, I'd be so happy if you credited me or linked back to my site! (Remember to please download and upload to your own site)

Orientation Paws

Gay/LGBTQ+ Gay/LGBTQ+ (POC Version) Lesbian by @diabolicdyke MLM by @gayflagblog MLM/NBLM/NBLNB (Asteric) by @frostmeIt Bisexual Pansexual Polysexual Omnisexual Asexual Aromantic Demisexual Greysexual Aromantic Asexual

Gender Identity Paws

Transgender Genderqueer Nonbinary Genderfluid Agender Demigender Demigirl Demiboy Bigender Trigender Pangender Neutrois

Other Pride Paws

(If you feel one of these belongs in one of the other groups, please let me know)

Queer Polyamory Intersex Androgynous MOGAI Neopronouns by @Ferns-Garden

Pronoun Cliques

Red She/Her Red He/Him Red They/Them
Red It/Its Red Xe/Xyr Red Fae/Faer
Orange She/Her Orange He/Him Orange They/Them
Orange It/Its Orange Xe/Xyr Orange Fae/Faer
Yellow She/Her Yellow He/Him Yellow They/Them
Yellow It/Its Yellow Xe/Xyr Yellow Fae/Faer
Green She/Her Green He/Him Green They/Them
Green It/Its Green Xe/Xyr Green Fae/Faer
Cyan She/Her Cyan He/Him Cyan They/Them
Cyan It/Its Cyan Xe/Xyr Cyan Fae/Faer
Blue She/Her Blue He/Him Blue They/Them
Blue It/Its Blue Xe/Xyr Blue Fae/Faer
Purple She/Her Purple He/Him Purple They/Them
Purple It/Its Purple Xe/Xyr Purple Fae/Faer
Pink She/Her Pink He/Him Pink They/Them
Pink It/Its Pink Xe/Xyr Pink Fae/Faer

Do specific pronoun tags not really work for you? Here are some other options!

Red Any Pronouns Red Ask Pronouns Red No Pronouns
Orange Any Pronouns Orange Ask Pronouns Orange No Pronouns
Yellow Any Pronouns Yellow Ask Pronouns Yellow No Pronouns
Green Any Pronouns Green Ask Pronouns Green No Pronouns
Cyan Any Pronouns Cyan Ask Pronouns Cyan No Pronouns
Blue Any Pronouns Blue Ask Pronouns Blue No Pronouns
Purple Any Pronouns Purple Ask Pronouns Purple No Pronouns
Pink Any Pronouns Pink Ask Pronouns Pink No Pronouns

Is your desired pride/pronoun not here? Feel free to send me a message! (On Discord)
Just take note, some of the things I won't make into cliques:
✦ Kink/Fetish pride flags
✦ Straight/Cis pride
✦ Phobia/Bigotry-based flags (Vixenamoric, Battleaxe Bisexual, original lesbian flag, etc)
✦ Joke gender identities/pronouns (Like the "attack helicopter" joke; I don't consider xenogenders/neopronouns jokes, though, if anyone was wondering)
(Whether a flag or pronoun clique gets made is at my complete descretion, I'm allowed to reject your request! And with that, if you believe I've made a harmful clique, please educate and explain it to me, I promise I won't bite)