Hex Archive

I've just started hexing recently, but I'm proud of what I've made so far!
Unfortunately, I'm not up for trading/requests of my hexes unless I approach someone first! This is for my own comfort and mental health, I hope everyone understands. When I have the motivation, though, I try to make lots to sell/adopt out!

If you have a hex from me, please respect my rules!
✦ Renaming and gender-swapping is okay, only touch-ups/texture redirecting is okay hexing-wise
✦ If no longer wanted, please return
✦ Playdates are okay with people you trust

Feel free to look at the code for inspiration/figuring out how things work, just please don't steal whole chunks of code.


Opila Bird
(August 2023)

A (sort of) joke gift I made for my partner! It's based on the character Opila Bird from the mascot horror game series, Garten of Banban, by the Euphoric Brothers. I wish I remembered the origin of most of the textures, but sadly I only know of the few that I made from my Don't Starve texture pack.

Shark Pups
(August 2020)

One of my first full hexes! They're based on Vress the Shark Pup, a cute comic series of a simplistic shark puppy. I figured it would be a good first endeavour into properly hexing, so I made these cute little guys! The ones featured here include textures from BAD_DEATH and Cargo.