How does the community census help?
We need to show Ubisoft that we are an active community! Additionally, we’d like to demonstrate the huge impact that PF Magic games have had our lives (and the potential impact it could have on others in the future), and that we have folks in the community that could meaningfully make use of the source code.

Why would we need the source?
There are three big reasons why the Petz community would benefit from source:
  1. To ensure that Petz will continue to be able to run on modern platforms.
  2. To extend the functionality of Petz
  3. To build novel modding tools for community use (i.e. being able to add new animations to a toy you’ve made, or have a whole new kind of toy)
In order to maintain Petz for future generations to enjoy, significant engine updates will be needed; by obtaining the source code, community developers will have a much easier time providing this support.

Aren’t people like Reflet reverse engineering the engine anyways?
Yes, there is a dedicated community of developers working on understanding the functionality of the Petz games, including:
However, reversing is a terribly slow and complex process. Having the source would mean less time figuring out how it works, and more time spent developing things the community at large can make use of.

What would we get out of an Open Sourced Petz source?
Why don’t you hop over to the teaser page and find out? ;)