Petz 5 Hosts Adoptable
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Please note -- these are the Hosts, exactly as they were made by the game's creators. They were of course never intended to have a "normal" petz life in the game, without their special clothes. I wanted you to have the real Hosts, so I made no changes. If you don't like Bear's back legs, or Wyatt's ears and wrists, or the way Peg and Pharaoh look, then I suggest that you either adopt a different pet instead or always keep their proper clothes on. Also note, I have not included the Bunny and Pig Hosts; you can adopt them from the Adoption Centre using my special breedfiles.

Host Pharaoh
Pharaoh for Catz 5
The Admiral
The Admiral for Dogz 5
Host Bear
Host Bear for Dogz 5
Host Jones
Jones for Dogz 5
Host Misha
Misha the Jack Russell for Dogz 5
 Host Mitzy
Mitzy for Catz 5
Host Peg
Peg for Catz 5
Host Pepe
Pepe for Dogz 5
Ringmaster Bailey
Ringmaster Bailey for Catz 5
Host Wyatt
Wyatt for Catz 5