Petz 3 versions of the P4 Hosts Adoptable With Clothing For All P3 Petz
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My thanks to Carol, aka Minibyte, for converting my Petz 4 versions to Petz 3 -- and for re-kindling my interest so that I made them look right in the closet at last!

Please note -- these are the Hosts, exactly as they were made by the game's creators. They were of course never intended to have a "normal" petz life in the game, without their special clothes. I wanted you to have the real Hosts, so I made no changes. If you don't like Bear's back legs, or Wyatt's ears and wrists, or the way Peg and Pharaoh look, then I suggest that you either adopt a different pet instead or always keep their proper clothes on.
Also I am providing an alternative Peg, because I gather that in some people's games Peg does not have the grey wrist-cuffs that she does in mine. So you get to choose :-)

Host Pharaoh
Pharaoh with clothes P3
/ Glitzy sandals
The Admiral
The Admiral with clothes P3
Host Bear
Host Bear with clothes P3
Host Jones
Jones with clothes P3
Host Misha
Misha with clothes P3
 Host Mitzy
Host Mitzy with clothes P3
Host Peg
Peg with clothes P3
/ The alternative Peg
Host Pepe
Pepe with clothes P3
Ringmaster Bailey
Bailey with clothes P3
Host Wyatt
Wyatt with clothes P3