Pet Orbs! I got Pet orbs!

Thanks to Ashien, my petz now have orbs to reflect their natures and poses. An enchanting idea, along the lines of having guardian angels for your site -- but instead, it's orbs which match the mood of your pet's picture.

Oscar running his Orb

Oscar running his Orb

And Dambo in cute and devilish nood

cute Dambo devilish Dambo

Here's Perky, chubby little so-and-so...


...Just as aloof whilst doing a balancing-act with Dambo!

Perky And Dambo

Demon deep in meditation, then coming around from it

meditative Demon provocative Demon

Cassie doing what Cassie does best:

Cassie's balancing act
While Jordan and Skyheaven show off their Orbs with Auras!

Jordan Skyheaven

Aren't they great? If you want some too, I quote her words from The Petz Board: 'To have your pictures "orbified" all you have to do is e-mail me your pictures (as bitmaps, please!) to and I will assign them an appropriate orb as soon as humanly possible.'

If you want orbs on your actual petz, take a look at my Emoticon petz\breed pages

You can also find petz with permanent orbs which show in the game, at Sue's the Petz Boardwalk