Minibyte Seascape etc for Petz 3, 4 and 5
At last your petz can swim in the deeps -- along with any seal, mermaid or fishie breedz you may have! The scene comes without swimmers and fish; if you want to start your Fishie collection of petz, you can do no better than Laura's delightful Gladefish for Dogz games at The Glade, or my Fishes for Catz games here

These seascape items were all hexed by Minibyte, whom many of you will already know as a great helper around the forums, an excellent breed-converter, and a superb archivist of all things Petz. Please read the Readme texts inside the playscene zipfiles for useful information on installing. The itzy-bitzy bikinis work fine if you make sure that the bitmap textures are in the same directory as the clothes themselves.

Seascape for Petz
Seascape for Petz 5
/ for Petz 4 /
for Petz 3

NOTE -- if the Petz 4 scene doesn't show up in your game, get the "Play Scene Converter" from APKC


Swimwear for Petz
Swimwear for Petz 5
/ for Petz 4 /
for Petz 3