Petz 5 Backup Files

This is a page of downloads for people who have lost or cracked their CDs and so cannot re-install their game if their hexing goes horribly wrong and they need to start from scratch. The downloads are big, altogether you'll be downloading about 300 megabytes or so, so you don't want to do it lightly.

If you are unable to start your game and are getting all sorts of strange error messages such as "can't find Petz 5.exe" or "Dogz 5 Rez.dll is missing" even though you can see all the files there in your game, and you've tried everything that's been suggested so far, then you may need to completely delete and re-install from scratch.

First of all, make a backup of your game onto CD, or save all the irreplaceable items in a temporary folder. Be particularly careful to make secure backups of all your adopted petz! Now delete the petz game completely. To do this, first delete the whole Petz folder either using Windows Explorer or My Computer, then remove the Petz registry entry completely using Regedit:

Use the Start button, choose Run and type Regedit.exe. Press Enter. When Regedit opens, navigate by clicking on the crosses in the left pane till you get to
My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\StudioMythos\Petz 5\4.00.00
Reboot your machine. Re-open Regedit.exe and check that the Studio Mythos entry is no longer there. If it has re-appeared, delete it again.

Now re-install Petz 5 from scratch. For this you need your original CD or, if it has got too badly damaged, download these files. The first set is the dogs ISO which has been compressed using Winrar. You will need to download the whole set and then un-rar it using Winrar or similar, and then you will need to either mount it as a virtual CD using something such as Daemon Tools, or burn it to a cD and install from that. If you haven't a clue what a virtual CD or Daemon Tools are, just burn it and use it as a physical CD.
part 01
part 02
part 03
part 04
part 05
part 06
part 07
part 08
part 09
part 10
part 11
part 12
part 13
part 14
part 15
part 16
part 17
part 18
part 19
part 20
part 21

Then, here are the extra files you will need for the Catz part of the game

Unzip these two files into your game's Resource directory
Catz files
Catz DLLs
The catz part of the manual

Hope this helps