Hex edited babyz clothes

These are Carolyn's Babyz clothes. You need to extract the .clo file into your Resource\Clothes directory in your Babyz program directory. Names of the "naturist" diapers are listed in the order they are on the shelf.

Download the proper white diaper overwrites the grubby-looking grey default
Download the fixed tails which will allow you to use the "naturist" diapers further down this page with the tails. Read the Readme file for more info.

My "Exotic bubble pants" , My "normal" bubble pants and hats
They show up in the closet and can be removed from or added to the baby by hand.

Ruby Earrings , Gold Earrings

My Flower Crown

Oxygen Tube, "Preemie" Oxygen Tube

Note: the oxygen tube should work with most babyz -- whether mini, maxi, normal, or growers.
But there may be some, like Kim's "Preemies", where you will find that it looks enormous. Download the "preemie" version if you have that problem. Both versions show up separately and do not overwrite each other.

Brown Girl Diaper, Pale Boy Diaper, Pale Girl Diaper

Chocolate Girl Diaper, Cream Girl Diaper, Robin-brown Girl Diaper

Dark Girl Diaper, Black Girl Diaper, Mocha Girl Diaper

Flame Boy Diaper, Flame Girl Diaper, Ghost Girl Diaper

Monkeytail Diaper, Ookape Diaper, Monkey Girl Diaper

Silver (Frostedmalt) Girl Diaper, Blondetail Diaper, Goldtail Diaper

Red Girl Diaper, Green Diaper

Harry Potter Glasses,