The Petz II Demo

The Petz II demo, unpacked for those who cannot install
This is the DogzII and CatsII demos, both unpacked and installed into a folder called PetzII and then zipped up for download. It is here to help people with XP or other operating systems that tend to have problems with old game installers -- or for people who, like myself, hate automatic installers anyway.

The Petz II fooler

The fooler.
Please follow the included instructions carefully.

works for XP also, but on that OS unless you download Nicholas' Petza (find his url on my Nicholas' tools page) you will be unable to adopt new petz.
NOTE: similarly, it works for Vista.
For those who don't use Nicholas' Petza, and need them for the fooler petz:
The Petz II Great Dane -- unpack into Dogz folder
The Petz II Siamese -- unpack into catz folder

NOTE: if you installed the Petz II demo files from Daniel's site, and you use the shortcut to start the game, it will probably still start in demo mode even with my fooler in place. The best thing to do is to delete the shortcut and then right-click on the .exe and drag-and-drop a new shortcut onto your desktop. Thanks to SuperSwampert67 for the heads-up!

Since Daniel's site went down, it's harder to find the original backup breedz etc. So I have them here in a few zips:
The original Catz breedz
The original extra Catz breedz
(these extras were once downloadable from the official site)
The original Dogz breedz
The original extra Dogz breedz
(these extras were once downloadable from the official site)

And here are some other backup files that you might like to have in your game...
The original Toyz
The original Wallpapers

And for people who have trouble finding them elsewhere on my site, here are a bunch of required files to go with the fooler
Click here for the Petz II modified exe
Cat behaviour files for Petz II
Dog behaviour files for Petz II