My External-LNZ People breedz

I'm producing these now because I just don't have time to make full, non-overwriting breedfiles at present, and I thought you'd rather have the breedz than not. Hexers, feel free to use the .lnz files if you wish for your own breedz, but I would appreciate an acknowledgement of my work. Non-hexers, you can play with these breedz in place as you would with any overwriting breed, so long as you have installed my "For LNZ-files 'n' easy-edits" packages for the relevant breedz. These .LNZ files will work with those packages in any of Petz 3, 4 or 5.

Here is the "PG-rated" version:
People adults
The Nice People For Catz 3, 4 or 5.
For this breed you need to have downloaded and installed my Calico cat from the "For LNZ-files 'n' easy-edits" page of your choice. The .lnz files in this zip will of course overwrite the normal Calico's .LNZ. Read the readme in the easy-edit package if you don't know what to do with .LNZ files. If you want sounds, download the boy sounds. I've not had the time to do female sounds for it, so all your boyz, girls, old men and old women use the same sounds, sorry.

And for those who can guarantee that they will not be offended by pixel dangly nude bits, here is the non-PG version, which also needs the Calico Cat external-lnz breedfile in place:
the naughty People breedfile For Catz 3, 4 or 5
The naughty bits don't even get covered over when you put clothes on; the only way around that if you don't like it would be to make special clothes for them or to use the PG rated version above.
People youngsters
The picture above shows a bunch of people kids playing as kids do...